Why Join WOW!?

Why choose The WOW! Awards

The WOW! Awards do more than just offer employee recognition programs… we strive to help our clients develop a culture of recognition in the workplace.

The WOW! Awards is a truly unique way of raising customer service standards, improving employee wellbeing and bringing better results to the bottom line.

What we represent

At the core of everything we do are our company values. They define who we are, they guide our actions and behaviour, they influence the way we collaborate and of course, the way we serve our clients & engage with our communities.

While there are many forms of recognition, it’s important that a comprehensive recognition strategy include recognition for work accomplishments small and large, service anniversary (or career celebration) awards, and company events that celebrate shared success.

Instead of focusing on what employees do wrong, let your customers tell you what they are doing right. It is motivational, inspirational and it will encourage your employees to deliver customer service to a consistently high standard.

Benefits of peer to peer recognition

Not all employee recognition award ideas have to be driven by management – many workers would agree that a shout-out from a co-worker is just as rewarding as one from the boss. Peer to peer recognition can impact your organisation in several ways:

:: Improved employee relationships and team spirit

:: Culture of appreciation

:: Higher confidence and self-esteem

A Great Place to be a Customer

Great Results

  • Winning new and retaining current customers, increasing performance and efficiency.
  • Customer retention, sales, employee performance and finances are all improved.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is impressive and typically you should receive payback in less than three months.
  • You may also find that our employee recognition programs generate a powerful range of testimonials for your organisation, helping to attract new customers and enhance your brand.

Working for the NHS?

WOW! That’s What I Call Patient Experience

The WOW! Awards have worked with various NHS Trusts. We help them shout about how amazing their Trust is. There are many effective ways you can share your patient experiences, the quality of care and the standard of service you provide.

Would you like to know what our clients think?

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Ready to boost employee engagement levels and give employees recognition they deserve? Talk to us today about ideas for employee recognition.


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