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The WOW! Awards – improving employee engagement with two distinct packages

Simply by recognising and acknowledging employees for their work, companies can generate a strong emotional commitment to their organisation.

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Employee recognition programmes are one of the best ways to make your staff feel appreciated, and by extension improve the engagement of your workforce. And The WOW! Awards is a recognition programme like no other. Below we’ll take a look at just a few benefits The WOW! Awards offers, and see how these can help your employee engagement scores soar.

Essential or Premium?

The WOW! Awards offer two distinct packages, Essential and Premium. Here’s a breakdown of what each tier offers.

With both tiers, your company will get a dedicated account manager; they’ll offer support, guidance, and help you to launch the programme with customers and colleagues.

You’ll be able to receive nominations internally (from colleagues) and externally (from customers, clients, patients etc). Nomination channels are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and monitored by real people, right here at The WOW! Awards. And seeing as we’re an impartial third party, with no knowledge of the nominees, we’re proud to be totally inclusive, judging each nomination on merit alone.

Why being nominated matters

The best managers promote a recognition-rich environment, with praise coming from every direction and everyone aware of how others like to receive appreciation.

When it comes to recognition, the importance of individualisation cannot be overstated. Leaders showing appreciation to a team of 30 people for a job well done is a fine thing, but it lacks the personal touch most of us need when being praised at work.

By opening up nominations to everyone in your organisation, as well as every customer you serve, The WOW! Awards ensures employee efforts that might otherwise have flown under the radar are properly appreciated. And seeing as employees are more likely to engage with a company that recognises their efforts, you’ll reap the rewards there, too.

Learning from your successes

The WOW! Awards gives you the clearest view possible of your company’s positive outcomes, with access to a fully-featured reporting suite and, if you select the Premium package, a quarterly progress report showcasing your top performers.

It also encourages you to learn from these successes. For example, if customers often talk about your prompt service, what can you do to improve this strength further?

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Furthering your business objectives through employee recognition

Another benefit of the Premium package is the level of personalisation we provide. At this more comprehensive tier, we will discuss your business objectives and values with you to discover the most important pillars of your company. We’ll then ensure that, where appropriate, nominations are linked to your overall company vision.

Not only will this provide you with quantifiable proof that your employees are working towards the company vision, but it’ll also reiterate those values to the workforce at large. And as we’ve discussed previously, showing people why their work matters–and what they’re working towards–is one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement.

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