Many of our clients have been working with us for a number of years.  We work with a variety of sectors and it is evident that recognising your people really does help with loyalty, motivation and generally a great feeling for those being recognised.  Have a look through the testimonials and feel free to contact us if you require any further clarification.


Here at Trust Inheritance we wanted to recognise the great work our employees do every day and let them see that what they do does make an impact.
So, we joined forces with The WOW! Awards back in 2014 and have gone from strength to strength since then!!
It’s great to see all the positive nominations and feedback from our customers every month with August 2018 being our best month so far this year.
The support we receive from The WOW! Awards team has always been fantastic and we hope to carry on receiving the recognition our employees deserve via customer nominations.

At City, University of London we value exceptional service.
Both externally to our students and stakeholders, and internally across departments and Schools, working together to consistently provide a positive and rewarding experience.
The WOW! Awards is a great platform to help recognise the excellent service our colleagues provide.
We have now embedded City’s core competencies into the recognition scheme and have started an annual ceremony to bring us all together and hear each other’s touching stories.
This has created a really positive environment and is another celebratory event which brings the City Community together.

Morrison Utility Services
Morrison Utility ServicesGemma Layton, Customer Experience Manager

“The WOW! Awards has been a huge success for us in engaging and celebrating our teams.
It enables us to further embed our customer values by recognising excellence when it happens and feeding this back to our frontline staff.
This feedback not only serves to build morale and bring a smile to people’s faces as they go about their day, but it is also a reminder to continue to embody these values.
It has grown into a positive circle of feedback which has helped us to retain, reward and strengthen our team in an effortless, yet meaningful way.”

PeabodyDavid Lavarack, Executive Director - Corporate Services

“We’ve been using The WOW! Awards since 2011 to recognise where our employees’ deliver an excellent customer experience.
It’s a simple concept that’s easy to communicate and we’ve even built on the internal brand to the point that WOW! is now part of our organisation’s DNA.

We’ve also taken the monthly awards one step further by holding internal awards ceremonies; and getting leaders, customers and nominees’ family members involved!

It’s been a great investment in terms of employee engagement and morale - highlighting back-office colleagues as well as those on the front-line.
The WOW! Awards have really helped us to bring to life our desired culture of putting people first.

Caledonian Therapy Academy
Caledonian Therapy AcademyLouise Prunty, Director

“Since introducing The WOW! Awards our average days lost to sickness has fallen from 6 days per year to 1 day per year, our customer retention is up by 125% and our profits are up 389%.”

FarmdropFern O’Sullivan, COO

Fern previously introduced The WOW! Awards at LoveFilm and MedicAnimal and has now taken us into Farmdrop.
“At LOVEFiLM we used our own Love2Reward voucher scheme for the Customer Service team, but it wasn't as popular and didn't get as much traction as The WOW! Awards.”

Liberty Executive Offices, Perth Australia
Liberty Executive Offices, Perth AustraliaJamie Vine, Chief Liberator, founder and CEO

EPIC service at Liberty Executive Offices!

Over the years we have received consistent feedback about our approach to customer service but until now we have not had a formal way of recording our client’s comments or recognising our team of Liberators when they deliver service excellence. In July 2017 we announced that we would take part in one of the world’s most recognised customer service awards competitions. The WOW! Awards use actual customer feedback collected independently to recognise exceptional levels of customer service.

Jamie Vine, Chief Liberator, founder and CEO, “Our aim is to deliver EPIC service to our clients in order for them to succeed. To measure how well we are doing, we need to benchmark ourselves with the best customer service from around the world, and not just in our sector. To do this we are working with ‘The WOW! Awards’. This programme lets our customers tell us what we are doing right. It is motivational, it is inspirational, and it will encourage our employees to deliver even higher levels of customer service in the future.”

The Leasehold Advisory Service
The Leasehold Advisory ServiceTim Courtenay, Head of Operations

“I love The WOW! Awards"

"In particular, I like the fact that they are a simple and instant way of recognising achievement.
We are only a small set up and consequently, we have limited means to recognise and reward our staff.
But what better way is there of rapidly recognising great service than by having a client congratulate you?
The nominations received really help to boost morale.
Furthermore, a brand is no longer what we tell customers it is; it is what customers tell each other it is, and The WOW! Awards help to achieve that.
Additionally, since we’re funded by the Government, The WOW! Awards are a great way of demonstrating that we’re an important, much needed service."

JLL Australia
JLL AustraliaPeter Merrett, Director

"The WOW! Awards has helped us to understand just how much customers enjoy sharing their positive feedback and how all we have to do is make it easy for them. We have been thrilled to receive almost 1500 nominations so far from our customers. Importantly, this has provided us with 1500 reasons to thank members of our team for being brilliant and 1500 examples of what our customers value most. One of the things we love most about being involved with The WOW! Awards is the simple but profound effect it has by making people feel valued and appreciated by their work. It inspires and encourages everyone to provide fantastic customer experiences every day".

Richer Sounds
Richer SoundsJulian Richer, Founder and CEO

"The WOW! Awards is a virtuous circle for great customer service; A great way of encouraging feedback for your troops at the frontline.....Recognition for hardworking staff is often in short supply; The WOW! Awards addresses that, assuring public recognition for your staff at the coal face. The WOW! Awards is a fantastic organisation for motivating staff AND encouraging customer service excellence".

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustDonna Green, Chief Operating Officer

"We've been successfully using The WOW! Awards since 2009, initially receiving around 15 – 20 nominations each month. The WOW! Awards are going from strength to strength, and are currently receiving an average of 70 nominations each month. The WOW! Awards gives a great feel good factor for staff who really appreciate the recognition from their colleagues and Patients".

Peabody (previously known as Family Mosaic)
Peabody (previously known as Family Mosaic)Ken Youngman, Director

"We have embedded The WOW! Awards into our head and hearts"

We’ve established bi-monthly award ceremonies, as well as internal ‘gala’ awards at our annual staff event, around the WOW! brand and concept. We love this platform as a way to recognise and reward the effort and achievements of our people and the number of nominations made by our customers and colleagues continues to grow each year. We believe that this way of saying ‘thank you’ is very much appreciated by our employees and the people we serve. We also appreciate the brilliant service and support received from the WOW! team".

Safe-MoveAmy Poole, Customer Account Manager

The WOW! Awards have become a massive part of our everyday life in Safe-Move as we have been using the program for over 6 years and it has now become integral to business. Customer service is what we are all about and The WOW! Awards have given us that little bit extra and makes our service a little bit more special. The nominations we receive from customers makes our people feel more appreciated and it is fantastic when we catch people doing the right thing for our customers.

Durham Constabulary
Durham ConstabularyGraham Hall, Chief Superintendent

"The WOW! Awards has provided an excellent opportunity for the organisation. It embraces our values, empowers our people and promotes Durham Constabulary as a leading public sector organisation; which is totally committed to providing the highest standards of service and support to its victims and communities".

City, University of London
City, University of LondonMichelle Preston, Head of Student Centre Operations

City, University of London has been participating in The WOW! Awards scheme since January 2011 and were the first UK University to join WOW! We took the decision to do this because at the time we were seeking accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service for our Student Centre operation and the scheme ideally met our need to have a non-monetary means of incentivising our staff.

At the time we were unsure how students might react to the scheme and worried that either they wouldn’t participate in it, or that they might use it inappropriately. However, our concerns were unfounded – our students have embraced the scheme wholeheartedly and to date our staff have received over 300 nominations, with some of them being extremely detailed in their praise of individuals who have helped the students resolve their issues. We have found that in fact our students like to have a means of properly thanking staff for good service, and the feedback that these nominations provide about our services is extremely valuable to the organisation.

Our staff are entirely motivated by the scheme and over time have actually become quite competitive about how many nominations they receive. The positive impact of this is that they make extra effort to deal with customers in a way that might elicit a WOW! nomination, which of course benefits the customer most of all. As a result our Student Centre team now hold a great reputation for service excellence within the organisation and within the Higher Education sector more widely. We have more recently extended participation in the scheme to our Careers and Student Development teams and they too are now attracting high quality nominations from students using their services.

We feel the investment that we’ve made in The WOW! Awards has been worthwhile – the positive effect on staff behaviour and attitude, along with the rich source of valuable feedback that we’re now getting is a great return in itself.