I would like to nominate Taj Gill and also Corina Blackman and Dana Bucatara. For their effort for the transgender event that took part in our building. Being part of the LGBT ally group is important and we strive to make a change through these events and awareness and respect to everyone and all that we represent.

Therefore, we had haters enter the event to ruin and disrespect our community and what the event stands for. Therefore, the event may have had to have been cancelled during the event because of this disruption.

Taj however managed to secure an entire backup plan and had managed to obtain and secure a big size room that the event could move into if necessary which is hard to do if there over 120 people. Ready with her girls to re-escort everyone to the other floors as well liaising with security, helping bring in the police in a discreet manor to not affect any of the external guests. organising her team of Corina and Dana to maintain all the guest to be unaware of the situation keeping the entire event at ease , nothing could stop Corina and Dana they were jumping from escorting to catering to cleaning to guiding and all. So, the event could still take place. Taj even kept the child we had at the event safe from this drama and was blissfully unaware of any of the situation and was taken on a very thorough & exciting tour of our offices whilst our aggravators were removed. which goes to show how efficient and thoughtful she was to have done all of this for the sake of the event and for the guests.
The girls were amazing and all 3 worked so hard for this event and went above and beyond though the drama to make sure that this event takes place as they new how important this event was and what it stands for as there were guests that have travelled from Australia and Spain to attend for which cancelling would have been a nightmare.

Nominated by: Christopher Kyriacou, 22nd Mar 2019
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