How much money do we waste on reward?

How much money do we waste on reward? Napoleon said it best… “My men will die for a ribbon but I cannot get them to die for money!” Derek Williams – Chief Executive of The WOW! Awards shares his thoughts. Peter Merrett, founder of The House of Wonderful, sent these pictures of his son Zachary. Zac received an Honour Badge and Certificate for being Student of the Week at St Joseph’s School. Peter tells me, “I wish I could have…

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Utility companies profit from the power of ‘Thank You’

Utility companies profit from the power of ‘Thank You’ The simple ‘rediscovered’ art of recognising and thanking someone for a job well done lies behind a remarkable rise in customer satisfaction (C-sat) scores achieved by contracted staff working across Thames Water’s compulsory metering programme. The results followed the adoption in 2017 of The WOW! Awards independent Customer Service Awards scheme by Thames Water’s contract partner, Morrison Utility Services. The initiative was a key factor in Thames’ recent decision to renew its metering contract with…

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RIP Herb Kelleher

RIP Herb Kelleher You may never have heard of Herb Kelleher, who passed away in January this year aged 87, but you will most definitely have been on the receiving end of a service phenomenon instigated by Kelleher. Kelleher was the co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines which started from Texas with just four planes in 1971.  The model he developed of keeping things simple (no seat allocation), turning planes around in less 10 minutes (he took his people…

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