I’m nominating Steven Gavin for a Wow! award. I’m organising a major event in June 2019. A large number of rooms were needed. I found it difficult to organise a date with the maximum number of rooms needed, using the online booking system and contacted Timetabling. I’m not sure all the core competencies I selected were registered for this form, but Steven demonstrated all five listed. His customer focus was excellent, as were his interpersonal skills, as he dealt with our event. He seem genuinely engaged with the needs of the event, helping to solve problems, offer alternatives and gave extra advice to help with our event. He worked with me, discussing room types available, dates and making temporary bookings. He even negotiated with another team to free up another room we needed. He was calm and really went above and beyond any help expected. The team want to thank him, he thoroughly deserves a WOW!
Nominated by: Anonymous, 11th Mar 2019
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