Rolf has been working with Rapport since July, since then, he has proved to be a valuable member of the team. Even had a job move due to his productivity being used for a more complex role. Rolf working within Event’s, as well as a looking after up to 100 clients a day in a highly confidential bidding area. This confidential area is where some of the biggest bids for our client takes place and could win or lose millions. This can be difficult, as several bids will all want desks, meeting rooms and access to the area for their work. However due to the space restrictions, it is up to Rolf to make sure that the correct bids get their space, with fair treatment of all the teams. Each team is only allowed to use the meeting rooms for 4 hours a day, with a maximum number of 12 desks and only 24 people allowed access to the area at one time. As well as looking after this area, he is a fundamental part of our events team, which cant see between five to eight hundred events in a month. He must assist with catering, reservations, reconfigurations, reports, AV, Etc. Rolf has been known to stay hours after his home time and work through his lunches, to make sure our clients needs are met
One week, we had the busiest week since Rolf has been here, having to turn away at least 4 teams, due to the lack of space. Rolf has used his initiative to arrange for one of the meeting room areas to be converted into extra desks, to allow an extra team to be able to use the deal zone. This meant, getting the correct permissions from our work place solutions team, to make sure there wasn’t any issues for health and safety, arranging an additional six screens, keyboards, mice and anything else they may have needed to be able to work on their multi-million-pound bid. This has made a Hugh improvement to the area to assist with the extra people arriving into the business. Rolf truly believes in amazing customer service, and will do whatever it takes to make sure, his customers are treated to the best of his ability.
Nominated by: Sinead Bracken, 20th Mar 2019
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