Robert, our dedicated cover, has been covering an additional site until the clients move to another building. This was organised last minute and since joining (music site) early February, we have received numerous emails from the team onsite with great feedback mentioning what a positive impact Robert has made.
On Thursday 21st March, the team wished to host a leaving party on site with games, food and drinks. Robert offered to help with the preparations as this was an important event for them and marked the beginning of a new chapter in a different office. He took it upon himself to organise plenty of treats including beautifully presented fruit platters, strawberries coated in Nutella, cocktails & the delivery of vegan pizzas! First challenge for Robert happened when the pizzas arrived with cheese!! He swiftly organised the right pizzas which arrived within 20 minutes. Early evening, whilst in full party flow, the fire alarm sounded! Robert jumped into action and ensured fire protocol was followed and no danger to site & team. The party continued until late and Robert stayed to tidy up conscious of the cleaner arriving onsite only at 10am the next morning, to ensure the office was presentable when the team arrived for work. The team were thrilled with the party & Robert’s thoughtful touches made for a fabulous evening!
Nominated by: Laure Hinsinger, 22nd Mar 2019
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