Robert and Conor have been landed with the dificulty task of running an efficient library for both teaching and research purposes in the context of rapidly growing student numbers and decreasing per capita resources. On many occasions over the past few months they have assisted me in tracking down very obscure and hard to find materials relating to my current research on 19th and early 20th century Australian legal history. They have not only promplty found specific items for which I have been searching, but have also alerted me to a range of reseources of which I was previously unaware. I think that given the very effective way they maiximise the use of resources to support our teaching, their capacity to facilaite my own very esoteric research activities is very commendable. I might also add that a good many of my collegues have echoed my view. Although it seems many university administrators do not understand or properly support the centrality of an excellent library service to any attempt to provide a proper uiniversity experience to the schools students and academic staff, Robert and Conor constantly and consistently rise above those constraints.
Nominated by: Ian Loveland, 17th Nov 2018
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