I wish to nominate PC 2943 Hopper for a WOW Award.

On Tuesday 12th March I was in Hope Street in Crook. It was a tremendous shock when I looked down and saw that the zip on my handbag had been opened and my purse, containing cards and money, had been taken. At the police station PC Hopper was very kind and helpful and immediately telephoned the relevant banks and had my cards blocked. This was such a relief for me as I was very shaken and worried and not able to do so myself. The PC was very efficient and reassuring. Unfortunately money had been taken within minutes of my card being stolen but the situation could have been much worse had it not been for his quick action. Later he helped me to complete a Victim Personal Statement. I am 80 years old and disabled by chronic arthritis. Later PC Hopper again was most sympathetic in helping me to complete a Victim Personal Statement. His caring manner has helped to cope in this distressing situation. I think he really deserves a WOW! award

Nominated by: Brenda Sharp, 16th Mar 2019
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