This is a busy site, with lots going on and last minute changes. This morning my colleagues Patrizia and Vaida went above and beyond when faced with issues in some of our meeting rooms. Having had a successful (and busy!) day yesterday with a full day event, we were looking forward to a calmer day today. However on arrival to her early shift and during her room checks, Patrizia realised that the none of the equipment in the VC rooms was working properly. Patrizia organised the AV team to attend as soon as possible in the hope that they could fix any problems before a busy day of important meetings.

Unfortunately we were informed this was not possible and not one but two rooms were not available for VC use until the engineers had visited. Knowing that we had the ‘SG COO for Europe, Middle East and Africa’ due to one of the rooms for a VC meeting, rather than panicking, Patrizia remained calm and immediately got on the phone to one of our lovely PAs to see how she could reorganise the meetings and move them around and use departmental rooms. Thankfully she has a built fantastic working relationship with a lot of the staff and was able to block other rooms in other departments, and begin to move everything around so that the meetings could still run and AV could attend to the problems.

While this was happening, Vaida started her shift and quickly began assisting Patrizia with moving the rooms and continued with communicating the moves to any necessary staff. Between them, it was sorted and thankfully any major issues were averted!

At the same time however, following changes to the security procedures of access passes, many people were approaching the desk to collect their new passes and ask for assistance. Vaida and Patrizia, with our new starter Lucica assisting, managed to juggle their normal morning work load with numerous calls to Security, room moves and reconfirmations as well as keeping their cool and professional attitude.

It is all in a days work(!), and keeps us on our toes when we are unexpectedly faced with problems, but it is a pleasure to be part of a team who works so well together, with strong communication and determination to ensure that our clients and visitors are not aware of issues and that solutions are found as quickly and smoothly as possible. Thank you team for being so conscientious and good to work with.

Nominated by: Olivia Young, 20th Mar 2019
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