WOW! Team

Derek Williams

Chief Executive

Derek is passionate about helping our customers to create a great place to work and a great place to be a customer. His skill and enthusiasm as a speaker, an author and founder of The WOW! Awards is helping to raise standards of customer service around the world.

Derek had a long management career in manufacturing. He has run his own award winning businesses for over 20 years and is a past Chief Executive of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals. In 2014 Derek was elected a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association.

    Kim Leitch


    Kim has a great deal of customer service experience and knowledge of the industry, having been influential in helping to establish The Institute of Customer Service in 1997. During her 16 years at the ICS she has had a number of senior roles which developed her skills further. Previously Kim has worked in the holiday industry both in retail and tour operations for Thomson Holidays (TUI) where her love and passion for customer service was established.

      Joanne Williams

      Assistant to CEO

      As well as managing Derek’s diary, Jo is passionate about customer service.  Her broad range of experience as a business manager and as a WorldHost Customer Service Trainer is a major asset to the company.

        Bianca Talbot

        Client Services Manager

        Bianca is responsible for the day to day running of The WOW! Awards, making sure everything runs smoothly. Overseeing all of our clients and ensuring they have everything they need. Bianca also organises our annual Gala Awards Ceremony and other smaller events that run throughout the year.

          Lisa Rouse

          Client Manager

          Lisa is at the very heart of The WOW! Awards; reading and judging the thousands of customer nominations that are made every year. Lisa is looking for consistency of service, examples of service that have saved the day and examples of truly “WOW!” service. Lisa’s work throughout the year contributes massively to our annual awards ceremony and other events.

            Emily Lambert

            Finance & Client Manager

            Emily is responsible for the day to day finances, as well as looking after a select group of clients and ensuring that they gain the most value from The WOW! Awards scheme. Emily also assists in planning and organising the events throughout out the year as well as supporting the general operations side of the business.

              Sarah Lovett-Scott

              Assistant Client Manager

              Sarah brings enthusiasm and diligence to her responsibilities for reading and judging all of the customer nominations throughout the year for a specially selected group of clients at The WOW! Awards!

              A key part of her role is to manage the milestones for individuals and organisations to make certain that everyone is duly recognised for their achievements.

                Sam Miller

                IT Systems Manager

                Sam has worked with The WOW! Awards on and off over the last 7 years. Sam manages the web development, technologies and databases for all our clients as well as our corporate and internal systems.

                  Caroline Lovett

                  Director of Customer Support

                  Caroline supports our customers in Australia. She has considerable experience in the energy sector and as a customer service trainer. Caroline is also an active member of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Australia.