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Why we need a better attitude to gratitude in the workplace With World Gratitude Day on 21st September, Derek Williams raises the need for more gratitude in the workplace. Workplace gratitude, delivered correctly, costs nothing and has huge benefits. Covid-19 ...
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What brings out the best in people? Your management style will affect the performance of your people.  Get it right and they will bring success for you, for your customers and for your business.  Getting it wrong will be painful ...
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9.5 Million Employees on Furlough. Are Bosses Ready to Bring Them Back? The numbers are just staggering! According to HMRC, as of 26th July 2020, 9.5 million employees have been furloughed in the UK due to COVID-19. On top of ...
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The Power of Friendships at Work "I have no friends at work" “I have no friends at work” was the opening line of a question to the agony aunt of Psychologies magazine.The person posing their problem went on to say,“There ...
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How much money do we waste on reward? Napoleon said it best… "My men will die for a ribbon but I cannot get them to die for money!" Derek Williams – Chief Executive of The WOW! Awards shares his thoughts ...
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