I would like to nominate Michael from the IT team for a WOW recognition. I am based at the Health Service and had took on the responsibility to have a number of computers upgraded to windows 10. As a result, these computers needed an upgrade itself. Michael was very helpful. We had a lot of problems with a software we use on a daily basis for appointments. He gave us his time to understand the nature of the work we do at the Health Service and assisted us for days to make sure our service is not effected as much as possible.

There were a number of things that were outside Michael’s remit as a lot of the software applications should’ve been installed by other IT depts. I provided Michael as much information as I could to assist, however he took great initiative to find information from his respectful colleagues. Our problem is now solved as a result and he set up our PC’s and directed me to other colleagues who were also helpful (Folusho and Shabz). I think the IT team are under recognised for their efforts and wanted to say that I appreciated his customer service.

Nominated by: Nasima Ali, 19th Mar 2019
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