Metro Bank Rocks and RBS Hits Rock Bottom for Customer Service

Metro Bank came top of the charts in an independent survey conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).  This followed a regulatory inquiry into the banking sector.

CMA posed the classic Net Promoter Score question, how likely are you to recommend your bank to others.  Metro topped the UK charts with 83% of respondents saying that they would encourage others to use Metro.

Other banks that scored highly included First Direct in 2nd place and Nationwide in 3rd.

Bottom of the charts came RBS with just 47% of their customers prepared to recommend them.

Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA, is quoted as saying that she would encourage customers to look at the results and think about switching.

What really surprises me…  It’s not that Metro came top because I’ve been hearing such good things about them over the last seven years.  Whenever I hear about a business like this, I’m driven to become a customer; I love great service and I want to find out about all the wonderful things that they do.  What surprises me is that despite me and 83% of their customers raving about them, so few people have actually taken the time to switch.  Customer inertia is a strange thing.

PS Metro service is absolutely awesome and if I’m out with friends I love taking them to visit my bank!

Top 11 things that I love about Metro Bank:-

  1. They are open every day of the week from 8am to 8pm.
  2. I can make an appointment with an advisor and open an account in 40 minutes.  That includes getting my bank card, online access and everything I am going to need.
  3. They make me feel special.  I am always greeted by concierge as I enter any of their branches.
  4. They have fabulous toilets.  These are available for any visitor to use.  They have won prizes for their toilets!
  5. They have a coin counting machine and the money gets credited to my account without any commission being deducted.  Most coin counting machines that you will see in other retailers charge 9% commission.
  6. They have plenty of pens that work and they are not chained to the counter.
  7. When they write to me they write on both sides of the paper.  I like the idea of trying to reduce waste.  And I like the friendly style of their letters.
  8. When they change their charges they send me a table of comparison with all the other high street banks so that I can see exactly how they all compare.
  9. Water for dogs and lollipops for children are lovely.
  10. They are such nice people to work with.  I really feel that they enjoy what they do.
  11. They always look so smart.  Call me “old fashioned” but I love to be served by people who look smart and enthusiastic and committed to their work.  Add to that, they always greet me with a big smile!