What a team !!!
From making the call regarding my blocked drain and standing waste water to Luke and his team arriving on site, i would like to say how absolutely impressed i am with your customer service ethos.
Luke and his team attended within 48 hours, assessed the problem, explained everything in detail throughout, provided support advice and a professional problem solving approach.

Spurred on by coffee and chocky biscuits they not only resolved the problem but absolutely went above and beyond. They sorted the problem, booked my house in for 6 monthly preventative follow up, drained the surface water and informed me of a refund for the inconvenience.
I was extremely impressed by their professionalism, personal approach and friendly good natured humour.
WEll done United Utilities for sending me a team delivering excellence in customer service, wow award in the bag !!!

Nominated by: Penny Heys, 20th Mar 2019
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