Jo has taken on a site as a new visiting development manager and ended up in at the very deep end with some 130 homes and a large footprint spread across several floors, the residential development manager who started at the same time decided it wasn’t for her and left after a brief period of time assisting Jo. This has been a challenge I’m sure with many changes in progress, not least the change of management to a very large site. Her day to day duties are as you can imagine never ending but she just gets on with it facing each day and hurdle as she goes and rising to the challenge with a smile on her face whilst using all the values expected along the way.

I admire her determination and modesty through what can’t have been an easy time. She has continued throughout to become a well-liked and supportive team member and willing to share any insight and information she can. She looks after her residents and site with pride and some very welcome part-time support in the afternoon. Navigating seven miles of corridor, as well as 2 entrances on different streets and levels, 2 car parks, communal grounds, 2 guest suites, 2 communal lounges, 2 laundries, 3 bathrooms, dual stairwells and staircases to each corridor and 3 lifts throughout.

Well done….. Fairplay to you Jo!?

Nominated by: Anonymous, 14th Mar 2019
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