I would like to nominate James Brailey, who is the Law LLB 3rd year course officer. Since our first year in City, James has been so helpful. He replies immediately to emails with detailed responses. He tries his best to direct and help the students. I have emailed James, and I am aware that other students have too, numerous amounts of times this year and his responses are also very helpful and he directs us in the right way. It is evident that he takes his job very seriously and we always have someone to raise enquiries with if we are unsure about anything. There are so many lecturers and other members of staff who respond back to emails and enquiries in weeks or never, but thanks to James Brailey’s help, I and many other students in our course have received quick replies to important questions.

Thank you.

Nominated by: Dilan Kirdag, 13th Feb 2019
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