James is a new to the service desk team and is already proving to be an asset and breath of fresh air.
There has been multiple times where James has stepped in to address calls that have come through and managed to close them.

In one instance in particular, I was ‘ firefighting’ during the machine move area in levels 2 and 3 of cass at Drysdale. As a floorwalker and being bombarded with multiple tasks, there was issues trying to obtain a computer name name and mac address so we can re-register it to the network quick time as a senior lecturer couldn’t use their PC.

While every other agent on the ticket just displayed ‘ user called to chase’ on the ticket, James, actually took the time to read my note of trying to obtain the mac address and computer asset information to read it to the network. James went the extra mile and tried to obtain this on our behalf to help the end user, where others didn’t.

This in turn lead for the users issue to be transferred to networks and resolved quickly – and its all down to his quick thinking.

There have been many other times too where the ticket quality of James is exceptional – it contains exactly the information we need to follow up call outs – simple things like contact numbers and room numbers and computer names which are missed out by others but with James – the call always contains the relevant information and the descriptions are crystal clear.

Also with customers James always portrays a smiley friendly approach – delivering with service with a smile.

He also portrays teamwork on all levels.

James is an asset to the service desk and credit to the person who took this guy on – its the exact type candidate criteria we need on the service desk. It must be a pleasure to have him on your team.

Nominated by: Shabz Khan, 4th Mar 2019
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