We are unbiased. We independently judge all award nominations

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Motivate your team through meaningful, bias-free recognition.

We believe that objective measurement, with customer feedback at its heart, is hugely empowering. That’s why we take on the responsibility of reading and assessing every single nomination that our clients receive.

Our assessments are based on pre-agreed awards criteria and have an extra degree of credibility with employees as we are 100% objective.

If you’d like to tailor the judging criteria of your recognition programme to align with company values, objectives and behaviours, take a look at our Premium Package.


The fact that each nomination is reviewed independently by The WOW! Awards gives it that extra kudos.

You can trust us to:

  • Provide credible, impartial recognition

    We read and assess every nomination, granting awards to employees based on pre-agreed assessment criteria.

  • Award fair and meaningful certificates

    There are four levels of recognition that we award to employees following a positive nomination. These range from an ‘every day thank you’ up to ‘amazing’ service.

  • Capture every single thank you

    We are independent and without bias. We recognise and thank anyone who has provided an outstanding service - at all role levels. This helps your employees understand different roles within the organisation and breaks down silos.

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    Be inclusive

    Giving recognition objectively and fairly makes our employee recognition programme trusted by our clients and their employees, which results in higher uptake. Having nominations judged externally removes bias or favouritism from your employee engagement programme. It also combats unconscious bias in the workplace, supporting inclusivity and diversity.


It’s an independent recognition scheme: totally non-judgemental, all nominations and stories are valued and analysed, based on the value of the story itself. So, it’s very fair and it is an instant way of recognising people.