Recognise your customer service heroes.

Support your service delivery teams

We recognise and thank anyone who has provided an outstanding service - at all role levels

  • Develop your customers service strategy

    Through The WOW! Awards, your customers can provide you with positive stories around your service delivery. We tap into the genuine feelings of customers at ground level; where service experience has exceeded their expectations. Information is power; often used at board level it can be used to further develop your customer service strategy.

  • Capture powerful testimonials from your customers

    We are unusual in that we enable customers to directly nominate the individuals from your customer service team; the individuals that go above and beyond to ensure an excellent service. Capturing positive, personal stories around a customer experience makes for amazing content that can be leveraged for marketing materials including case studies, social media and sales collateral.

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    Motivate your people

    Positive stories from customers serve to boost morale, improve company culture and support your customer service teams in engaging with your business' values. Using The WOW! Awards you can consistently recognise stories of service excellence; empowering employees to repeat celebrated behaviours and continue to exceed customer expectations.

  • Improve your customer service levels and performance

    We work with clients to improve service ratings and metrics. We also help to create a positive workplace culture where service excellence becomes a part of your everyday.


10 years ago, we were bottom of industry league table and we’ve totally turned it around and regularly come out top. WOW! plays its part in that…Celebrating our people doing things right for our customers, recognising and reinforcing these behaviours has been part of our strategy to improve our overall performance.

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