It works. We make it easy to capture the power of ‘thank you’

The WOW! Awards is an employee recognition programme, designed to surface positive stories of service excellence from fellow colleagues and customers. With over 25 years experience, we work closely with all our clients to build recognition programmes around their unique business goals and requirements.

How the WOW! works

Here is a step by step explanation of how organisations benefit from The WOW! Awards.

Step 1

Customers and employees experience service excellence and nominate

You’ve selected a tailored programme and we have helped you scope out your bespoke awards criteria. We have provided you with comms materials to promote the programme. You start to receive nominations.

Step 2

Nominations judged independently by our specialists – so you don’t have to

We take on the responsibility for reading and assessing every single nomination that our clients receive. Once assessed, nominated employees and their managers receive notification of feedback received.

We are without bias - which supports diversity

Our assessments are based on pre-agreed awards criteria and have an extra degree of credibility with employees as we are 100% objective. Organisations work with us to ensure that their employee engagement programmes support diversity and inclusion.

Step 3

Feedback celebrated encouraging further service excellence

Certificates handed out, key learning behaviours shared amongst the team. Positive feedback serves to boost morale, improve company culture and support your people in engaging with your business' values. And through consistently recognising service excellence, employees are empowered to repeat celebrated behaviours and continue to exceed customer expectations.

Measure and reality check your brand values

Brand engagement can be a difficult thing to measure. Through your award nominations data, you’ll be able to spot patterns where your values are being met by your people and where they fall short. Other values may emerge that have greater importance to your customers. Or you may learn of areas where employees could benefit from more training.

Step 4

Support your business strategy

We uncover stories from your organisations that would otherwise go unseen. We also tap into the genuine feelings of customers at ground level; where service experience has exceeded their expectations. Information is power; often used at board level it can be used to further develop both business and customer service strategy.

Develop powerful marketing materials

Using narrative to connect your brand to customers should be the backbone of any marketing content strategy. Through their nominations, your customers are providing you with positive stories around your brand. These can be leveraged for all manner of marketing material including case studies, social media and sales collateral.


WOW! provides a way for Peabody to capture what can be very emotive stories. It’s a recognition platform that’s totally authentic.

Miko Schneider

Engagement Manager, Peabody

Rich, premium, engaging nominations set up

Our client nomination website makes it easy for your customers to nominate. It also includes a searchable nominations feed with filters and tags.

The benefits:

  • Your own website, including form and feed. You can see a demo version here
  • Requires no maintenance at your side – all looked after for you by us.
  • Customers and employees can easily find their nominations through searchable filters and tags.
  • Individual nominations have their own unique URLs for easy social media sharing.
  • Bespoke branding options if you are a Premium Customer.
  • Fully optimised to meet WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines to ensure none of your customers are excluded.


There is no better feeling when you get feedback from a customer about what you have done well.