Nicola Maxwell from Rapport

This morning I arrived at the ground floor main reception and I saw Nicola on the phone while holding a receipt. A staff member from overseas came very early in the morning, around 07:30 to ask reception for help: he has forgotten his handbag in the Taxi from CW.

As he got the taxi from City Airport to the office in CW, he was unsure of the taxi company. Nicola brilliantly asked to have a look at the receipt, and saw the company name; she then googled to see if there was phone number she could call for lost property. The telephone number was in Glasgow, and was not open so early. Nicola did not lose hope or time: She then got the gentleman signed in and as his meeting didn’t start until 9AM, she invited him to take a seat and offered him to have a coffee while she kept looking for an alternative way. In the meantime the business day was about to start, ground floor was busy with guests arriving for their meetings. Nicola continued her search: The taxi company was indeed based in Glasgow, but she managed to find a telephone number for the London office, which unfortunately didn’t open until 9AM. The gentleman had to go to his meeting, so Nicola kindly reassured him she would keep in touch via email as so not to disturb him in his meeting. When Nicola got through to the London taxi office, they managed to locate the taxi driver and she spoke with the driver, who luckily was passing by the area on another job not long after!

Only one hour after Steve, the taxi driver, turned up with the bag! Nicola personally greeted him with a smile and contacted the overseas gentleman so he could come and collect his bag: when he reached the Reception he went straight to Nicola, shook her hand calling her a Hero and the taxi driver got a free coffee, and everyone was very happy! In the afternoon we received this feedback email from the Overseas staff quoting ‘Once again, many thanks for your assistance and my colleagues mentioned that it was a miracle that this was found back! Great service and very kind of you.’

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