I recently received the below amazing feedback from one of our clients team, the feedback explains how amazed the client was with the service offered by my team as a whole but in particular the four ambassadors named. the client explains that the team went far above and beyond the clients expectations to resolve a mistake that the client had made, saving the day and ensuring their meeting went ahead as planned without any loss of business or embarrassment. Receiving such feedback reminds me why I come to work each day, and ensures that i remain immensely proud of the team i have the privilege of leading. Please see the feedback from the client below:
I have to say that assistance of your team has been priceless. They always prove themselves as dedicated and enthusiastic and have highly charismatic, pleasant and professional demeanour. More importantly, they have excellent communication and customer service skills having a profound ability to give front desk services in a fast-paced environment.

Today they have gone the extra mile and have helped me to sort out a very difficult and stressful situation.
There was a candidate travelling from Paris to make 3 interviews in the same day with a Partner and 2 Senior Managers and 10 minutes before the interview we found out that no room was booked.
Despite the fact the booking system was showing no capacity your team made the impossible to find a room for us in just 5 minutes.

Elena Trentadue, Evaldas Bernotas and Carol Luna didn’t stop until they could find a client room for the Partner. Neither the candidate or the interviewers noticed anything.
In addition to that the business asked a last minute lunch and when this was requested to Jan Sensel at 13.10 pm he managed to have everything ready in just 15 minutes.

As you know is essential for our business to provide excellent customer service not just to the clients that visit us but also to the candidates that come for interviews and your team makes a very important contribution to that.

I think that is fair to recognise no just the effort made today but the invaluable support that they provide to us every day.
They have earned my highest respect and appreciation forever!

Nominated by: Luke Kilcullen-morris, 30th Apr 2019
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