I contacted UU regardng a leak from my Water metre, David McKenna was the individual who dealt with my problem and all I can say is that if you ever want to enhance your reputation further in Customer Service then this man needs to be out there teaching potential new employees and current staff.

He got the job done and proved beyond doubt that his customer service skills are second to none, he was absolutley fantastic, constant communication, pleaseant and professional. I work as a senior manager in a private Ambulance service and constantly interview potential candidates and oversee a regional team of 60 staff. I would relish 10 of of David on my team.

He is an absolute credit to your organisation, unfortunatley people like David go unoticed because they just get on with the job. How he has not been identified in his work is beyond belief. My thoughts, promote this man before someone else snatches him up.

Thank you so much David, such a stressful problem made easy and less stressful by a genuine man who clearly cares about his work and had a thorough understanding of his role and the knowledge to back it up.

I will be contacting more senior mangement at United Utilities to express my gratitude, without David it would have been a much more stressful nightmare, but he resolved it very quickly.

Thank you David. United Utilities would be lost without committed employees like yourself.

Steve Kirk

Nominated by: Stephen Kirk, 27th Mar 2019
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