I am nominating Marzena Bulka, Lydia Rellova, Dyon Braithwaite, Mirko Castagna, Sidonia Szabo, Miriam Schuster, Dariusz Mecheda, Indre Rudzinskaite, and Annie King

I would like to nominate all of the above people from the team as they were absolute superstars when helping in crisis situation.
Our system suddenly became very slow on Thursday evening and we were unable to view or print any reports for meeting rooms. This was not a big problem for us as we could see individual bookings however it was a huge problem for our hospitality team. Lina from hospitality called us asking if by any chance we could do something as they are unable to see what refreshments and catering was booked for the following day.
Imagine, you come for a meeting and nothing that you ordered is there because reports could not be printed. Lina said that if reception team could look through every single booking for the following day and manually write down every booking and all of the refreshments, her team would have something to go by the following day and there would be only minimal if any disruption to catering deliveries to the meetings.
We have 88 meeting rooms and on average 270 meetings a day in our building. The task of looking through every single booking and write every refreshment out meeting by meeting seemed almost impossible task. Well maybe for some but clearly not for the team! While Annie was sending an email out to ensure the team has all the information they needed and explaining what they needed to do I called every floor to make sure all is clear and asked them if it’s not impossible to go through all of the bookings, they could write out at least bookings up to mid day. The rest of it would be done by team who starts at 7am next day. Some team members were supposed to leave in half an hour however as this was a priority no one even asked a question about that and just got to with the task. When I called some floors they answered the phone saying I’m on it".
The team work, willingness, positivity and true can do attitude astonished me and made me so proud of them all! To my surprise I saw emails coming through with all of the bookings for the following day and not just half a day. Hospitality team was very grateful for this as their team would have no idea what to deliver and where. Team work between hospitality and reception team is extremely important as both departments aim to deliver the best service to our clients and on this day both departments demonstrated that as a team we are Stronger together.

Nominated by: Martina Bird, 22nd Mar 2019
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