I’d like to mention I didn’t get asked to provide feedback on my customer experience but really felt it’s necessary in my case.

I am a first time buyer renovating my old Victorian house. We opted to undertake the lead water pipe replacement whilst re-plumbing the property, and disappointingly it set back our whole renovation project with the estimated 6 weeks lead time on the end-to-end process with UU. We had a slow leak in our kitchen and couldn’t carry out any further work on it until the lead pipe has been replaced so halted our progress. We are unable to live in the property so this added a heap of stress to me & my other half.

Charlotte has been advising us throughout the whole process, and really ensured our circumstance has been dealt with as a matter of urgency. I can’t thank Charlotte enough for the emails and the calls to update us, she’s really made us feel like we are going as fast as we can. Today we’ve been given a date for our work 29/03/19 which is 3 weeks after our submission date, whilst the work isn’t complete yet I really thought some recognition was deserved for Charlotte and her support she has given us up to now.

She has been second to none with the advice, customer service & guidance & I wanted to submit this as I’m a firm believe it’s nice to be nice, especially in times of pressure. Charlotte’s a great asset to your company.

Best wishes

Nominated by: Philippa Imogen Ryan, 22nd Mar 2019
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