MedicAnimal FR: Katell Prigent

Très grande réactivité et efficacité de cette collaboratrice.
Je lui ai envoyé un mail aux alentours de 15h30 mn lui expliquant le problème que je rencontrait lors de l’établissement de ma commande et à 17h15mn elle avait résolu mon souci.
Dans la foulée j’ai pu commander mes aliments pour mon chien.
Encore merci

Nominated By: Mulot Patrick
Nomination Date: 28 March 2018
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FirstPort: Queen Ng’Wananogu

Queen is the warden for Homehayes House in Hatch End Pinner. One of her actions on arrival each day is to check for any messages left on her answer phone from Care Line advising the emergency cord has been pulled by a resident. On the Monday 5th March there had been 2 messages from Care Line for the resident in number 25.
This resident was my mother.
The first incident was around 00:30 as my mum was unable to get up from the commode in her bathroom as she had become extremely weak and was unable to stand up. My sister had been contacted by Care Line and she and her husband were able to help mum get up and put her back to bed. The paramedics had also been called and had checked mum to ensure she was ok.
At 07:30’ish my mum phoned my sister as she was unable to get out of her bed. A few minutes later she phoned her again to say she had managed to get up. Then around 08:00’ish mum pulled the emergency cord and Care Line contacted my sister again to advise that mum was distressed and had fallen in the bathroom. They had also called the ambulance service. My aunt also a resident at Homehayes House went to check on mum at around 08:30’ish and found mum sitting on the floor with one leg caught between the commode and the base of the toilet. At around 00:90 my sister had arrived and shortly after Queen, having checked her messages, also came to check on mum.
Queen got a cushion and placed it behind mums back as she was in a lot of pain and checked mums vitals as trained in her First Aid course. Even though my aunt and sister were present my mum turned to Queen and asked her to rub her back to ease the pain which Queen did without any hesitation. Queen sat and comforted my mum until the ambulance arrived at 11:30 which was almost 4 hours after the fall.
Queen went the extra mile to make my mum as comfortable as possible and to ease the pain by rubbing mums back and talking to her to take her mind off the pain and discomfort she was feeling being on the floor in a very awkward position during the very long wait for the ambulance to arrive.
Queen also noticed that mum had been taken to the ambulance without any footwear and so took the initiative to take a pair of slippers and give them to my sister as she accompanied mum in the ambulance.
I feel that Queen deserves a WOW! Award for all the time and effort she gave looking after my mum on the morning of Monday 5th March making mums final hours in her flat as comfortable and bearable as possible even though my aunt and sister were there also.
My mum didn’t return to her flat/home as she passed away the following day Tuesday 6th March around 16:20.
I am so grateful for Queen for all the times that she helped my mum and the kindness she showed every time she visited mum. This is why I feel Queen deserves a WOW! award for all the care and kindness she gives to those that are elderly and lonely. She is a fantastic, helpful, approachable lady doing a brilliant job that probably doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.
Thanks a million Queen

Nominated By: Bindu Thakrar
Nomination Date: 26 April 2018
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The WOW! Awards: Andrew Wilson

During a recent short break to Northern Ireland, we decided to try Enterprise to see whether their customer service matched the claims in their TV advert. While the pick-up and drop-off service was indeed better than other car rental companies we have used, there were a couple of issues, so when an email was received requesting feedback, it seemed churlish not to oblige. Here’s the reason for the nomination: within 8 hours (overnight) I received an apology and a detailed explanation, including the refund of a new charge that had been introduced between making the booking and collecting the car. A classic example of small things making a big difference!

Nominated By: Doug Holman
Nomination Date: 11 April 2018
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Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Olivia

When my husband was near to death (February 6th-9th) Olivia not only treated him with the utmost care and attention but made it quite clear that she was also there for us, the family. As well as finding a single room for his last days she provided a bed in the room for me and ensured that we had everything we needed. (My son and daughter were with me all this time too.)

One evening, it may have been Eric’s last, after going off duty at 8 pm, she returned at eleven to see if there was any way in which she could help us.

I should add that while I have nominated Olivia for the award, her service was pretty well equalled by the rest of the staff of Aspen Ward.

Nominated By: Rita Beaumont
Nomination Date: 29 March 2018
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Caesar Hotel: Gonzalo Sojo

Gonzalo gave up his time to help the kitchen and F&B department when the Kitchen Porter called in sick on Easter Friday. He was in the kitchen helping to clean the dishes during a busy breakfast. He gladly offered to help the team for several hours to ensure a smooth service.

Nominated By: Jason Erasmus
Nomination Date: 05 April 2018
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Warwickshire County Council: Paul Gudger

From an enquiry sent late on Monday night, I have had my query answered, a solution proposed by 11am Tuesday and finalised for completion this coming Thursday.
This is an excellent turn around. Quick, efficient and friendly. This ought to be acknowledged.

Nominated By: Steve Stuart
Nomination Date: 10 April 2018
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Trust Inheritance Ltd: Amy Carter

I found Amy very friendly and extremely helpful on advising us and obtaining probate on my fathers property after his death. I recieved a very good service and felt in good hands – Certainly has the Wow factor,

Nominated By: Heather Kings
Nomination Date: 26 March 2018
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MedicAnimal UK: Aretha Evans

I would like to nominate Aretha. Having placed my usual order online on Saturday 24/3 (I normally ring up), I received an email to state order placed- by Thursday 29/3 I rang up as heard nothing more only to be told that as warehouse only had 1 x 3kg bag so didn’t send the order and didn’t inform me (I had run out of dog food by then) and Easter upon us. Aretha took my phone call and I was not best pleased but her calm manner and then ringing me back immediately and sorting out the matter and making sure another order was sent out restored my faith in your company ( which up until now had been excellent). I thought she was very professional and had an excellent manner on the telephone. I shall be continuing to place regular orders. Many thanks again to Aretha.

Nominated By: Sandra Henderson
Nomination Date: 31 March 2018
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Kelly’s Storage- Self Storage: Jerome Tower

Jerome called before he set off to let us know exactly what time he’d arrive with the Kelly’s storage pod we’d booked. He had to drive much further out than he normally would because we were actually outside of the area they normally serve, but Dawn bent the rules to fit us in. When here, Jerome helped us pack up our storage box, even though he didn’t need to, making sure we were packing things so they didn’t get damaged but more importantly actually fit in. We’d never have been able to do it without his help. Then, at the end, even after going above and beyond to drive well out of the way to get to us, then above and beyond to help us get everything into our box, he even gave us an Easter Egg for Good Friday. Absolutely blown away by how amazing he, Dawn & Kelly’s have been, I can’t believe anyone would ever use anyone else, thank you both so much!

Nominated By: Chris Bilko
Nomination Date: 30 March 2018
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