James Baker | Customer Advisor Advanced | Water Services

I got to know James quite well during the 5+ months it took to deal with the issue of very low water pressure in my house. He always kept me in the picture and never once let me down. It can’t be an easy job – he is always in the middle between the customer and, I suppose, the various engineering teams and technical people. He comes over as a genuine, naturally engaging and cheerful young man and I wish him well for his future.
Nominated by: Judith Gay, 9th Nov 2018

United Utilities | Water Services

OK – there was a problem with your service yesterday – but instead of writing a letter of complaint today, I am writing to say – well done and a great big thank you to the fantastic United Utilities staff across a number of services who moved heaven and earth (literally in respect of a significant volume of earth!) to resolve the problem of a rather large hole preventing access to our home. This was particularly upsetting to us given that we had previously suffered a fire at our home and therefore understood the importance of ensuring access for emergency vehicles.
Things do go wrong – and the true measure of a person or a company is how they respond when the almost unforgivable happens. United Utilities staff really listened with sympathy and warmth and they apologised They then quickly moved to identify a resolution – they asked what we wanted to be done to resolve matters and acted quickly and efficiently – working into the night to put things night.
I spoke with lots of individuals – all had a fabulous can-do attitude alongside genuine care and concern. We certainly didn’t feel that we were just a Customer Number – it felt like we were the most important people with UU staff rallying round to put things right. The very best customer service I have experienced.
Please pass on my thanks to Kay, Gaynor and Sarah, Tracey and Danielle from the Escalation Team and the many others who I cannot name in person but who worked so conscientiously to resolve our problem.

Nominated by: Ruth Dolan, 9th Nov 2018

Richard Walsh | Customer Advisor | Billing

Richard was so kind and thoughtful. He explained he had to ask questions and gave me time to get the information. He then explained that he had put the answers in his computer and confirmed I was eligible and would ring the next day to advise me of the new payments. He did phone when he said and gave me the exact information. He is so right for his job. Congratulations to you for selecting him to help us. It’s not so easy when your getting older and he made it very pleasant for me. Thank you.
Nominated by: Eileen Barton, 8th Nov 2018

Wayne Eccles And Nigel Charnley | CST and Ganger (Res Team) | Wastewater Services

Wayne and Nigel were undertaking CSW investigations in the Winstanley area of Wigan. Wayne called at a property on Edgeware Grove and asked the elderly lady to flush some drain tracing dye down the toilet so the team could check the connectivity of the property drainage. Wayne and Nigel waited at the rear of the property for several minutes waiting for the dye to appear and when it didn’t concerned for the lady’s welfare Wayne went back into the property. He found the lady in a state of breathlessness laid on the bed and although the lady initially protested Wayne rang the emergency services and mobilised an ambulance which took the lady to hospital. Wayne contacted the lady’s son to appraise him of the situation who thanked him for his actions. Thanks to Wayne and Nigel for their prompt actions/response to this lady in distress.
Nominated by: John Oldham, 6th Nov 2018

Ian Pinches & Christina Evans | Customer Advisor | Billing

I had the very fortunate opportunity – by chance , Today , to speak to Mr Ian Pinches , who is a Call – Taker on your
" Dedicated Payment Assistance Team ". I suffer , clinically from
high levels of Anxiety ; Ian picked this up straightaway , but didn’t let " Thread " ( Super – Professionally ! ) until exactly the correct moment . It was so smoothly done – re gentle questioning , that i assumed that a " Flag Up " on His screen had appeared regarding my condition ! It hadn’t ! He had simply – via real empathy and experience , patched into the sub – textual message !
We arranged a schedule ; He gave me sound , and – more importantly for myself , as i have a need for " Quantum – Level " detail – detailed advice .
Call – takers in general , do not get the consideration that they – generally deserve ; This Man , during – what seemed , at first , to be an every – day conversation – went far more than the " Extra Mile " He , genuinely " Casually " ( I don’t know how else to articulate it ! ) helped me put things in perspective , whilst at the same time , made me feel like i was not only being listened to , but UNDERSTOOD!
I had , quite possibly , one of the most helpful , and illuminating conversations i have EVER had ….with ANYONE!
A truly lovely Man , and , a truly lovely experience chatting with him .
And , OF COURSE i will follow his advice – to the letter !
A note here , also , for Christina Evans , who is on the same Team , and took my call regarding my concern that i can’t simply send emails – unless I’ve already been messaged ; I was worried that , although I’d sent a compliment to yourselves , via the " Contact " us section on site – i didn’t think it was enough – frankly !
She re – directed me to this section . Thanks to Her !!!
Massive thanks – and , all power to Ian !
Nominated by: Mark Pearson, 1st Nov 2018

Fiona Chatterton | Customer Advisor | Billing

I’d like to first of all thank Fiona Chatterton personally for being an amazing person who listened to my waffling. She’s an absolute sweetheart and a superstar I definitely want to nominate her for a promotion and a massive pay rise because she deserves it – you have got a magic diamond working for you. Fiona is an absolute delight to talk to and extremely compassionate, she helped me with my problems and gave me the best solution I could of ever hoped for please don’t let her go to waste. She definitely deserves a higher level job and would be a great asset to your company at a much higher level. I’m actually very moved that someone as kind as Fiona helped me out at an extremely difficult time in my life and I’m extremely grateful for all her kindness. An amazing woman professional and your very lucky to have such a wonderful person to have working for you in your company if I could I’d promote her ASAP. Once again thank you kindly Fiona Chatterton you made me smile in my darkest time can’t thank or praise you enough not enough. Words can describe how grateful I am to have had the privilege to speak to someone as lovely as you.
Nominated by: Michael Robert Edward Lockett, 1st Nov 2018