United Utilities: Tarryn Shaw

Most impressed by the service offered by Tarryn Shaw and her colleague. Reaction to the reported problem was swift and I was kept informed of everything that happened, decisions reached, proposed solution to problem, etc. Not only this, but Tarryn visited our neighbours to ensure that cars were moved to make the area safe for everyone and their vehicles. I am reassured that the site, identified by the council as being dangerous, has been left in a safe condition until work can commence tomorrow. Tarryn went the extra mile and gave the impression that United Utilities were there to provide solutions and a good service. Thank you to all involved.

Nominated By: Angela Rennie
Nomination Date: 28 March 2018
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Hackney Council Service Centre: Mobile Library Service Team

My uncle died and my housebound Mum wanted her brother’s special favourite poem read at the funeral but she could only remember a few lines from it. She told the librarian the bits she remembered and believe it or not he went away and found it just from a few words, it was The Life that I have by Leo Marks. It was very meaningful for everyone and not only that he printed and framed a copy for her as a gift from the library. She loves getting her books but this sort of extra service is extra special and thoughtful and made a big difference at a hard time for our family

Nominated By: Anonymous
Nomination Date: 25 April 2018
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The WOW! Awards: Kyle and jason

These two paramedics went beyond the call of duty on 18/03/2018. My daughter went in to labour and I could not go and get her as the snow was 10 cm deep on the roads and she lived 7 miles away from the hospital. So I told her to call an ambulance. Which she did. I went to the hospital to wait for her. It was quite some time before she arrived , which I learnt from her that the two super heros had got out of the ambulance and pushed the ambulance up two hills in the ice and snow. Whilet keeping my daughter safe and happy. They are two truly amazing gentlemen who really do deserve a medal.

Nominated By: Karen Hutchins
Nomination Date: 17 April 2018
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United Utilities: Lyn Chadwick

Where do I start… Lyn is an absolute asset to UU and I cannot be more thankful for her help during a difficult situation with a close family member. Her understanding of our personal situation and the manner in which she dealt with our issue was second to none. There are people out there in the same position who would treat customers like they aren’t human beings. Lyn’s advice and problem solving was fabulous and has enabled us to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. She listened attentively and went the extra mile to help us out. Although she says it’s her job, I’ve never felt more comfortable speaking with someone at such a level within a huge organisation. I can’t express how grateful I am for her help and wish there were more people like her in other businesses out there. Even if she doesn’t win the award, she deserves one heck of a pat on the back (and a big fat bottle of wine) for the way in which she chooses to deal with customers. Thank you!

Nominated By: Kelsey Easton
Nomination Date: 16 April 2018
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Morrison Utility: Alec Osbourne, Matt Dembrey, Dom Powles

There was a difficult job at a house that had no water after our installation; most likely unrelated to our work, and possibly it is the pipe work material together with the cold weather that caused it. Anyway, there was no availability of a core drill to drill through the wall so Dominic spoke closely with the customer to explain what could be done to hopefully fix the problem, looking at the location of where the pipe work came into the building and the limited amount of room they had to work in – in a cupboard!! The team and all involved have done a fantastic job to break out and dig down, remove and replace the broken pipe, and get the customer back on water. They took the cupboard apart and put it back together, and they will return tomorrow to concrete the hole in the kitchen floor and replace the board at the bottom of the cupboard. Great work done by Dom Powles, Matt Dembrey & Alec Osbourne – A BIG WELL DONE

Nominated By: Andy Mcnamara
Nomination Date: 03 April 2018
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MedicAnimal DE: Telefonteam

Immer freundlich und hilfsbereit, egal welche Frage oder Problem man hat.
Toller und schneller Service. Danke!

Nominated By: Nathalie
Nomination Date: 26 March 2018
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City, University of London – School of Arts & Social Sciences: Tanya Shennan

Tanya is tireless, super-efficient, cheerful and always professional despite a workload that’s staggering. In the past few weeks she’s organised, publicised and guaranteed the success of public lectures I’ve arranged for outside speakers to profile City. On Tuesday, while examining at SOAS, the lecturers there said that City’s US politics events were attracting great attention among their students and faculty. A huge part of that success is due to Tanya’s efforts. Hence – WOW!

Nominated By: Anonymous
Nomination Date: 29 March 2018
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Help to Buy South West: Nadine Cartwright, Emma Shirlow

Absolutely wonderful customer service. I am currently in Thailand and the team at help to buy have assisted me knowing that I am limited to what I can do from here and there assistance will hopefully sort the last bit of our new Home requirements. Totally appreciate all your hard work on our behalf and being so on the ball, thanks again x

Nominated By: Andi Taylor
Nomination Date: 20 April 2018
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Imperial College – International Student Support: Shelagh Markey

Shelagh is absolutely wonderful. She has been arranging various events for international families for many years and I personally feel that she provides a time to relax for us. Me and my daughter always look forward to the events organized by her. All the events arranged so far were efficiently organized. Shelagh’s cordiality is something that deserves special mention. I wish her every success.

Nominated By: Afifa Tabassum Tinni
Nomination Date: 11 April 2018
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