Sarfaraz Haji
He was checking the mains(trying to locate the main tap) Water Services

Sarfaraz was trying to locate the water main that runs along side the Lane but under the grass verge that is maintained by myself. Before he started any work he came down my drive and fully informed of what he was doin and asked if that was okay.
When he had finished he again called at the door and told me what work he had done, and even marked the location of my stop tap that we hadn’t located in the Six years we have been at the property.
This gentleman is a credit to United Utilities, is customer service is spot on and before he left he shook my hand and wished me a very happy Christmas.
What a really nice man and he deserves a pat on the back.
Nominated by: Malcolm Kavanagh, 19th Dec 2018

Ruth Rollings | Administrative Manager | Adult Social Care Administration Team

Ruth is a manager but she goes over and above her role. Ruth is fair and ensures that there is cohesion in the team- when she is not in the office it’s not quite the same.
Ruth has helped gel the team and ensures new starter’s are given support through the probationary period and it’s no wonder all agency personel end up staying on permanently.
Ruth is the most amazing manager there is, a colleague with great work ethics and an asset to Warwickshire County Council.
Nominated by: Anonymous, 18th Dec 2018

Aretha Evans | CS agent | CS

A few back I placed a repeat order for the specialised food our elderly cat required .
Sadly this week through ongoing health problems our cat had to be ‘ put to sleep’ .
As a result we no longer had a need for the product. I contacted the sales department at Pet Supermarket. Explained the situation. They swiftly arranged for me to return the product for a refund . Thank you for being understanding
Nominated by: Adrian Robinson, 12th Nov 2018

Tia Stevens | Team Leader | CS

After an unfortunate situation where my order was left in my recycling bin by the delivery company and then taken away with my recycling, Tai immediately sent me a replacement order and apologised though it wasn’t her fault. I really appreciate the prompt resolution and I am very happy with the customer service and because of this I will recommend Pet Supermarket to friends and family for both products and customer service. Thank you.
Nominated by: Mary Frank, 13th Nov 2018

Simon Jones

Simon has only just joined the Room Technician team but seems like he’s been around as long as an old piece of furniture growing dust in an antique shop (haha). He’s already shown great passion to learn, enthusiasm to impress and an innovative way of working to improve the team.

There was one occasion that demonstrated all of these and more that I would like to highlight. It was one of those mornings us Room Techs dread…multiple early room set-ups across 4 different buildings. There would have been 3 of us to complete the morning rush. Unfortunately for Simon though 2 of us called in sick! I wouldn’t have blamed him if he went into complete panic mode but he didn’t.

With no help due for an hour, time against him and the pressure of knowing clients would be expecting their set-ups ready on time. Simon cracked on, starting 30 minutes before his shift time. He run in-between jobs, prioritising the biggest set-ups and earliest bookings. in the end he managed to complete the morning rush on time.

Simon truly is a man you want on your team and we are lucky to have such a dedicated, hard working team member here. Well done Simon!!!

Nominated by: Bradley Killick, 1st Nov 2018

Jason Rodrigues-jesus
Adrian Guevara

Over the past 3 days, from Monday to Wednesday of the current week, Jason and Adrian were given an impossible task; to exceed the expectations of a VIP event whose expectations were already through the roof.

The attendees included the likes of the CEO and lead Partners for differing service lines within the business, including our own Partner for WPS and Real Estate Mr. G. The following is the direct feedback received minutes after the event was completed.

"To everyone who assisted in helping me prepare, execute and complete the Global event from 29 – 31 October – a HUGE Thank You!

Without your assistance from booking the rooms, preparing and guiding me on the menus for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to the layout of the rooms and spaces, to the Chefs and Catering staff, IT staff, Document Centre (for the keyrings), WSM on the 12th floor, reception and security who assisted on the 29th, it would not have been the success it was and is. Thank you for putting up with all the last minute changes in the agenda, catering, menus, attendees. We have received incredible high praise from the attendees on the smoothness of the event.

Would you please send this email on and speak to your teams to say a job very well done.

Thank you all again."

Many times, we look at events as a one time, one day snapshot. However this event was held over a number of days with each days expectations increasing two-fold. Jason and Adrian had a direct hand in all of the feedback as they are the go-to, one-stop-shop for the users on the floor. I have no doubt that they both had an integral part in the success of this event. More importantly, it was our chance to make a lasting impact on people within our company, to yet again show what we can do and how well we do it. Thank you to both Adrian and Jason on a job well done, very proud of the effort and the selflessness you both showed!

Nominated by: Thomas Moore, 1st Nov 2018

Miss Florina Paldau
Food and Beverage Manager

The Muscle Help Foundation is thrilled to nominate Miss Florina Paldau, the Food and Beverage Manager at the Village Hotel London Watford (Elstree) for her outstanding customer service in recently managing and looking after a group of six guests at a private dinner as part of a unique Muscle Dream experience. Her direct report is Mr Joel May, Senior General Manager.

Florina, who introduced herself as Flo, excelled in so many ways on what was a very busy evening at the hotel on Saturday 3rd November 2018. Her foresight in realising that the Village Grill, the hotel’s main restaurant, was perhaps not the ideal location for an intimate, celebratory Muscle Warrior dinner, for a little 9r-old girl who had spent the day at Elstree Studios mixing it up with the Strictly Come Dancing stars and watching a very special Children in Need production being filmed live, is to be commended.

Within .20mins of one of the charity’s Muscle Dream team members having a discussion with Flo about perhaps exploring alternative dinner location options on site, a solution was found. Within .15mins, our group moved into the stunning Village Business Club – this is an innovative meeting area offering different seating options including a comfortable lounge area with the biggest TV screens ever, pleasing Hollie’s dad no end as he was able to keep an eye on his beloved Liverpool who sadly drew 1-1 with Arsenal. The Village Business Club was much quieter and once we had been invited by Flo to move from the hotel’s foyer area into this space to relax and unwind, she very efficiently organised refreshments, circulated the menu and even arranged for two of the Chef’s to discuss dietary requirements.

Whilst the main Village Grill was packed with guests watching the football, nothing was too much trouble for Flo who hosted Hollie, our VIP Muscle Dream beneficiary and our group, with such genuine warmth and care. I overheard one member of staff, who approached Flo, breathlessly saying that a barrel (we think of beer or lager) had run out and the keys were required expeditiously to replace said barrel – Flo took it in her stride and calmly sorted the situation.

Over many years, the charity has worked with hotels up and down the country to help support its Muscle Dream activities – rarely have we come across an individual that shines in such a selfless way. From what we observed and experienced, Flo’s attributes are many – from her warm disposition, her ability to put guests at ease and her genuine authentic spirit to her caring, can-do positive attitude in being fully present with our group (not least, remembering everyone’s names) topped off by a beaming smile that brings with it a genuine desire to want to go above and beyond in terms of customer service. It is the hope of the charity that in some small way, this ‘WOW! Award’ not only shines a spotlight but also conveys our gratefulness to Flo.

We felt that she was part of Hollie’s Muscle Dream team, as opposed to a staff member from the hotel – the charity witnessed just how wonderful Flo was with Hollie, making her feel extra special all of the time! What a git! It was therefore a totally inclusive family experience and that in itself was priceless and something that we know Hollie’s parents greatly valued. We only hope that we didn’t embarrass Flo by giving her one of our rousing Muscle Warrior ‘three cheers’ at the end of what was a magical evening.

Flo’s attention to detail and professional demeanour are qualities that many who work in the hospitality industry possess – but going above and beyond the call of duty in giving really outstanding customer service is a rarity and why The Muscle Help Foundation wishes to acknowledge this in Flo by nominating her for this richly deserved WOW! Award.

Nominating someone for a WOW! Award is all about catching people doing the right things – the stand-out memory for the charity was not only how Flo personally hosted our group but also how she interacted with our Muscle Dream beneficiary from beginning to end; the official photos on our dedicated Flickr channel will testify to that – many congratulations Flo!

Nominated by: Michael Mcgrath, 6th Nov 2018

Jessica Grainger | Customer Advisor | Billing

Jessica was absolutely fab, she was a credit to your company I rang up to set a direct debit up and she queried my bill as she thought it was too high so she took the meter reading and imputed it etc, she then discussed how I could save money and discussed what appliciaces I had and how to save money and told me bout the website etc. She generally sounded like she wanted to help and make a difference that I couldn’t not fill in this form as she was soo lovely, friendly and helpful. She definitely deserves some recognition for her service with me today. From a very satisfied customer thank you Jessica x
Nominated by: Joanne Smith, 15th Nov 2018

Jillene Drummond

Jill supports all of the BHB values, but Integrity is foremost. Jill ensures that she treats everyone fairly regardless of power and position. She looks out for the entire team so that no one is left disenfranchised. She is a great sounding board and attentively listens to concerns while offering suggestions of opportunity. Jill is consistent of her high work ethic and trouble shooting skills. Our team depends on Jill to support our roles while taking care of our internal and external clients daily. She anticipates our needs while valuing our feedback. She’s exemplary!
Which of our values do you feel this nominee demonstrates?: Integrity
Nominated by: Lisa Wingood, 15th Aug 2018