Jenny Cummins | Development Manager | Glenside Court – 12326

I have just returned to London after visiting Glenside Court and I spent many hours in the entrance observing the excellent work done by the Development Manager, Jenny Cummins, while work was being done on Flat 17. I observed the residents are so reliant and trusting in Jenny. She demonstrates compassion, understanding, and respect in regards to the individual’s needs of the residents. Several of residents expressed their enjoyment of living in the flats and remarked that they thought Jenny was their ‘Life Line’, and I know my dad was very happy living in Glenside prior to his passing. Jenny’s ability in forming a community spirit where the residents look forward to their fortnightly fish and chip supper, forthcoming pizza nights, afternoon teas, coffee events, quizzes, bonus ball events, collection for food banks demonstrates an inventive way of getting the residents involved and a community spirit. I believe in my opinion Jenny provides a professional and friendly service to the residents and guests. I witnessed and observed Jenny sorting resident’s individual needs, nursing and home care needs, contractor’s needs, medical delivery needs as well as answering telephone calls in a skilled and proficient capacity. Jenny is very professional and competent, the residents are full of praise for Jenny and her excellent good customer and client service she enabled the residents to live independently with the assurance of back up should it be needed. I would also like to thank Jenny for the endless cups of coffee and making my visit welcoming and pleasurable. I think I would like to live in Glenside Court if I relocated to Torquay. She provides a safe, trusting, welcoming and secure environment to the residents. As a person visiting Glenside Court, Jenny was very professional

Nominated by: Anonymous, 5th Mar 2019

Jamie Dobson

I would like to nominate Jamie Dobson, the SafeMove Data Analyst for a Wow! Award. Jamie has been a great support to Jordan Winehouse who has been on a short term paid employment contract with SafeMove over the last 10 weeks. I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘buddy’ for Jordan. Jamie was really helpful and patient when explaining tasks and was always happy to help if Jordan needed anything. This has really helped to increase Jordan’s motivation, confidence and independence in the workplace so thank you!
Nominated by: Kate Vosper, 14th Mar 2019

Lee Jackson | Customer Advisor | Billing

Good Afternoon,

I called the help line at 14:46 today and spoke immediately with Mr Jackson.

After the general questions confirming I explained my situation regarding been made homeless thanks to the governments mistake and now I am trying to catch up with everything.

Mr Jackson was welcoming, polite, understanding and patient with me.

He explained everything that has happened from July 14th last year to date and future options.

He updated all my information, explained my options on how to pay the bill whilst speaking professionally and friendly.

I asked quite a few questions about water meters (because I’ve never had one) and he answered everything in a way I could understand.

Once I payed my outstanding balance, Mr Jackson explained my future options, next meter readings, payment options and advised my next course of action which would benefit me the most.

By this point we have been on the phone quite a while but he did not mind and was in no hurry to get onto another person, he definitely wanted to make 100% that I was sorted and had no more questions.

Up untill recently I had worked in a call centre company taking inbound and making outbound calls regarding personal and business accounts for Addison Lee, Mr Jackson’s level of service is outstanding!

If I was still working with the company I would have used Lee as an example of how to communicate and help customers with my team.

Thank you for amazing customer service!

Nominated by: Kellie Mills, 13th Mar 2019

Samantha Longstaff | Customer Advisor | Billing

What a breath of fresh air this lady is!

In a world of telesales staff who can’t or won’t listen, this wonderful lady shines out like a beacon of hope. She is thoughtful and a terrific listener. She sorted out my billing problem immediately and stayed on the line whilst she transferred me to tech support staff who sorted out my email and login problems.

United Utilities, hold on to this lady, praise her, and pay her more, she is well worth it in my opinion.

Thanks again Samantha

Nominated by: Anonymous, 13th Mar 2019

Anthony Bond | Plumber | A/Force

Anthony Was My Angel

A gentleman called Anthony from Barnsley came to install a water meter today on behalf of the Yorkshire Water . He arrived at the primed time he promised . I found him very efficient, friendly & very professional. It’s a crying shame other trades men dont take take leaf out of this gentleman,s book. I would reccomend this man and give him 100% for his good old fashioned British Service.
Well Done
Very much appreciated & Thanks from a very satisfied customer.
Una Driver
West Yorkshire.
Nominated by: Una Driver, 13th Mar 2019

Sean Eaton | Plumber | A/Force

Very professional and efficient

Explained what they were doing at all times , and it was fitted within half hour
Very impressed
Pleasant guys.
Nominated by: Kelly Loxley, 25th Feb 2019

Renu Bhasin | CSA | Contact Centre
Usman Tahir | CSA | Contact Centre
Ade Obilanade | Contact Centre
Alison Sherwin | Contact Centre
Ridha Kapoor | CSA
Mohammed Hasham
Samina Rahman
Jama Abdikarim | Contact Centre
Josh Piper | Contact Centre

I would like to nominate the whole of team B. Since we have hit peak they have excelled in not only the outbounds they are doing but also picking up inbounds making sure we keep our SLA up. They have been working very hard and make me proud to be their team leader. Well done to you all and keep being the amazing team that you are!
Nominated by: Corriene Breton, 7th Mar 2019

Manjit Rai | Legal Advisor | Leasehold Advisor

Manjit was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and patient, her advice was invaluable, and she was happy to repeat things for me when I missed the point or misheard what she said.

She gave me so much confidence and insight to help me challenge my landlord.

Thank you Manjit, your work is fantastic and I hope you know how much of a difference you’re making.

Nominated by: Anonymous, 12th Mar 2019

Sam Harris-Jones | Employer Engagement Adviser | Student and Academic Services

Sam is an excellent staff member and really does have the the student’s at the heart of everything he does.
I especially what to thank him for going above and beyond in the work he does, especially with recruiting such an inspirational and diverse range of panellists for our International Women’s Day. What was great was all the panellists referenced him personally and I do think it is his energy and his desire to seek inspirational speakers that really empower our students and enhance their confidence.
As a manager, he is also a great team member and always encourages others and supports his colleagues.
Nominated by: Anonymous, 8th Mar 2019

Miranda Sunu | Customer Services

I visited Hackney Service Centre Mon 25 Feb. I was very stressed out about my Council Tax arrears brought about by being caught up in the Windrush situation and also applying for a reduction . Miranda was very pleasant, welcoming, and showed an empathy regards my challenges. Miranda then gave detailed attention to my situation and helped me feel that at last someone was listening to my story and giving serious attention to solving my challenge.
Nominated by: Adrian Dunne, 26th Feb 2019