Heather Bunnell | Customer Advisor | Billing

Absolutely fantastic customer service, heather was very polite and friendly and helpful. She has a very calm and kind nature that makes u feel instant rapport. She was very compassionate to my clients circumstances and rapidly provided multiple options in order to resolve the issue. I never give feedback but Heather’s conduct was that phenomenal that I requested to give feedback in regards to the service Heather is providing. Keep up the amazing work heather and keep brightening all your customers days with your lovely nature and keen professionalism.
Nominated by: Charlotte Rigney, 22nd Aug 2018

Bill Barkley | CST (?) | Wastewater Services

Bill and his colleague were actually working next door, and only came on to our property to work out if we shared a drain. When they were here, they discovered we had a badly blocked drain. Despite the time of day (nearly 6pm on a Friday) and despite the fact that they hadn’t even been called out to do the job, they cleared the drain (which was quite an involved job). They also patiently advised me on how the drains worked and what we could do next if we were concerned that the drain might be damaged. They were faultlessly courteous throughout, including when I asked for ID at the start of the visit. Never had such good service – and this wasn’t even from someone I’d called out!
Nominated by: Andrew Crook, 17th Aug 2018

Graham Mawdsley Ref 1989230 | CST | Wastewater Services

Graham arrived following a sewage flood to the rear of my house and the road outside. As expected he was very professional, checking drains etc and cleaning and disinfecting affected areas. What was not expected was his excellent communication skills. His was the total opposite of the usual gruff, monosyllabic and disinterested ‘hands-on’ responder to an incident like this. From start to finish he was friendly and sympathetic and explained precisely what he was going to do to remedy matters and make sure nothing similar happened again. My wife and I are in our 70s and, perhaps strangely, Graham’s reassuring ‘bedside manner’ was appreciated and valued even more than the cleanup and repair. What an excellent ambassador for his company.
Nominated by: Brendan Lomax, 17th Aug 2018

Lucy Aiston | Customer services – meters | Metering

Lucy has been amazing, I had a really big leak, I am on a meter, I was totally stressed with matters. Lucy was absolutely fantastic, such an Ambassador for United Utilities; Lucy organised people to come out, keep me informed, sorted other connected matters out and kept me updated and informed.Lucy was the constant, the conduit which held everything together from beginning to the end.
This are now resolved, I can not recommend Lucy highly enough and if Lucy is not a manager or Team Leader then in my opinion she should be. She is duly competent, caring, excellent communicator and co-ordinator, confident in what she does and does what she says. I had total trust in her ability.

Lucy’s Manager is excellent too and I would like to Thank him too for his service.

Thank you Lucy

Wishing you all the best in you Career and a big Thank You

Nominated by: Karen O’neill, 17th Aug 2018

Stephen Portman | Custom Service | Billing

I would like to pass on my appreciation and to thank him for his professionalism and for being so exceptionally helpful. So massive plaudits to him!

I would be grateful if this could be passed on to the customer services management team? Also, I hope United Utilities have a reward system within the organisation in recognition of colleagues that go that extra mile! If so, please nominate Stephen (Steven) for a reward.

Best wishes,

Marian Halfpenny

Nominated by: Marian Halfpenny, 16th Aug 2018

Ashley John | NPT | Wastewater Services

I would like to thank Ashley for great customer service. Throughout the issue I have had at my property he has kept me informed and reassured. I can see he is passionate and very knowledgeable about his job. Every question and possible scenarios I asked, he had an answer for. For me Ashley has set a new standard in customer service. Professional, courteous and customer focused. Thanks again and please pass on my best wishes to Ashley and his team.
Nominated by: Liam Addis, 11th Aug 2018

George Hamilton | School Crossing Patrol Supervisor | School Crossing Patrols

George is the most friendliest lollipop man working on Landor Road. His genuine warmth and smile is infectious. George is always ready with a smile, a wave and a chat everyday. My children always look forward to seeing him at the crossing and I am reassured that they can cross safely under George’s watch. George is a fantastic role model for what community stands for and we will be looking forward to seeing him after the holidays in September.
Nominated by: Elyse Mcdonnell, 27th Jul 2018

Sophie-Jane Timmins | Customer Care Manager

Sophie reached out to me when I had filled in some of the details for my online will incorrectly. She was there from start to finish with answers to all of my queries, and did an excellent job of guiding me through the process.

Writing a will is a bit of a scary "grown-up" thing to do, so having someone there who was helpful and consistent really made a difference for me.

Nominated by: Jo Graves, 16th Aug 2018

Larraine Palmer | Customer Case Manager

Larraine was extremely helpful and offered advice that saved my benefactors money and also advised how my wishes for my estate could best be executed. I was eager to update my will before my holiday . At first this wasn’t possible but then she was able to offer an appointment the very next day. I feel assured that I have received the best service possible and if I have made the will myself I would have definitely made mistakes that would have been costly to my benefactors. Thank you very much
Nominated by: Vanessa Caretti, 9th Aug 2018

Angie Wilson | Customer Engagement Director

I called to arrange a telephone will appointment. Not only did Angie sort that for me but she gave me advice about LPA and sent me a link to apply for a refund that I never knew I was due and would never have known if she hadn’t taken the time and trouble to inform me. I found Angie very personable and am very grateful for her help. Thanks Angie!
Nominated by: Tina Chant, 2nd Aug 2018