Joao Estroia

I would like to nominate Joao for his amazing service and dedication. It was a Friday morning and particularly busy on the reception desk when Joao noticed one of the older tenants in the building looking confused and puzzled around the desk. He politely approached the tenant and asked if there was anything that he could help with and the tenant explained that he needed a physical picture that he had to be emailed urgently to one of his guests but neither of them had a scanner or a smart phone to do this and he remembered we did not have a scanner also at the reception. Joao quickly found a solution for the tenant, as he knew that one of the other receptions across the street had a scanner he asked the tenant for the photo and the guests email address and assured them both that he would have the photo scanned and sent shortly. He then set off to the other building and managed to get the whole thing sorted for the tenant and guest in just a few minutes.

Both tenant and guest were extremely grateful for Joao’s help and were amazed at his ability to notice they were having a problem without them even having to ask. I think this just shows how passionate and dedicated Joao is about his guest’s needs and this story is a great example of the Rapport values be brilliant and walk tall.

Nominated by: Laura Dormer, 1st Oct 2018

Mariella Bano

I would like to start my nomination with a big THANK YOU MARIELLA, – you are amazing!!!
Mariella has been and still is an amazing support to me and the team here. We are a busy 50 team members campus and Mariella looks after booking extra covers for us, she is proactive, professional, fast and ALWAYS so polite and calm. Mariella’s Network team is HUGE too and that is not counting the extra resources from other agencies, in one sentence : ‘I don’t know how you do it’
This week Monday at 7am on the dot I have called Mariella and informed her that I need 5 additional covers for the day due to sicknesses and her response : on it! With such a calm like she was getting a foot massage at the same time, she proactively left no stone unturned and found all this. It was a miracle – I was saved. This is only one occasion that Mariella has looked after us and our services were smooth and as promised to our client.
I really appreciate Mariella’s commitment and we would like to say a very BIG Thank You.
I would like to also add that Mariella’s commitment don’t stop here, on many occasions I have received calls or emails after her finishing time, she will not leave work just because its time to go but rather stay and ensure covers are in place.
Thank you Mariella and I am sure The Network Team is very happy to have you as part of their family xxx
Nominated by: Carmen Toma, 1st Oct 2018

Denny Checchia

I would like to nominate Denny for the Wow awards because he is a colleague everyone would be happy to have.
Denny had the 6am – 3pm shift on Friday and he accepted to cover me in our department at 3pm, so I can go to the monthly team meeting.

Our department is where new joiners collect the new Laptops, phones and where much IT troubleshooting is done.

It was only Denny’s 1st week covering this department and when I came back from my meeting , it became the busiest afternoon I ever experienced since I started covering this role. Denny understood that it would be a lot for one person only to handle, so he offered himself to help by staying until we finished all tasks.

He was so positive throughout and a great help since there was around 80 people returning their laptops and other clients requiring different kinds of assistance.
Denny finished then 3hours later, making his shift 12hours long from an early start. He could have gone home and enjoy the bank holiday weekend but instead he chose to stay and help me and the team.

In addition to this, Denny is always very punctual, very reliable and committed in what he does. He is always willing to help people whether it be work related or personal. He is a great colleague and a great person to know and I feel he deserves recognition for all that he does as this is merely 1 example.

Thank you Denny!

Nominated by: Cesar Massalana, 28th Sep 2018

Jayne Jacklin

I have had so much help from Jayne and her team My queries are always minor, but their assistance is invaluable and they take time to explain to me.
Often they have called to say that I have ordered the wrong type of search and as a result have saved me money.
Nominated by: Joanne Williams, 5th Oct 2018

Tom Garside

I would like to nominate Tom for a WOW! Award. Over the last few weeks Tom has worked extremely hard on the day to day running of the BP team whilst we have been short on the ground and busy doing other things. Tom has been extremely efficient and proactive in making sure everything has been completed as well as dealing with his own workload. Great team work Tom, well done!
Nominated by: Wendy Sutcliffe, 5th Oct 2018

Niall Behan | Customer Support Technician | Wastewater Services

My wife gave birth to our second child on 12th October meaning that we had 2 young children under the age of 3 in the house. An emergency situation developed when a drain became blocked meaning that we were unable to flush any toilets, drain sinks/baths, wash dishes or clothes.
The issue was reported late Saturday evening on 13th October. By lunchtime on Sunday 14th October we received a polite and courteous call from Niall stating he would be with us within 20 minutes. Niall then attended within the stipulated ETA along with his colleague Ritch. Both were professional and polite from the outset even interacting with my 2 1/2 year old son who loves trucks and repair related vehicles. They quickly and efficiently dealt with the issue providing clear advice as to what the problem was taking the time to explain and demonstrate to my wife and I what was wrong and how they would fix it. The repair involved attending on an elderly neighbour’s property but they were equally as polite to her and took great care to ensure that any disruptance to the adjoining boundary was neatly resolved. These 2 individuals are a credit to your company and you can be assured that if they attend on a job then your company is extremely well represented.
Nominated by: Kevin Liston, 14th Oct 2018

Sharon Swift And Simon Bullon | NCI | Water Services

Absolute amazing work! Great communication and efficiency all through the job. Our water pressure and the leak outside our property was a long and ongoing problem. Sharon was super professional, she took responsibility and arranged for the gas and United Utilities team to woke together and get the job done within less then a week. Top stuff! Thanks!
Nominated by: Kelly Prause, 15th Oct 2018

Stephen Iverson & Robby Potter | CST & Ganger | Wastewater Services

Our main drains were blocked and the water was backing up into our showers and toilets.
We rang Untied utilities to come out, and although we had to wait for two days before they came, I can not fault the two lads who came to unblock them.
The lads came on Saturday evening at 5.30pm, 13/10/18. We had ten people coming for dinner and we were about to call the meal off. The lads were brilliant, they worked diligently and cleared the drains quickly and effenciently and were very reassuring. Mr Iveson was particulary humourous and made light of the situation which calmed us down.

Great lads and excellent representatives for United utilities. Great team working.

Nominated by: Christine Loughran, 15th Oct 2018

Dylan Nelson | Plumber | Metering

Dylan attended my property today but was unable to get access as my daughter didn’t answer the door in time. Dylan then came back again at the end of his work day which I was really happy about as he went out of his way to keep the appointment for me. He was also very helpful and polite while attending.
Nominated by: Sharon Mcewan, 10th Oct 2018

Debbie Phillips | Customer Advisor | Billing

I would like to nominate and have Debbie Phillips recognised. She has been such a help to myself and my situation. She was emphatic, reassuring, knowledgeable I don’t use the term! However in this instance she has been a rock of support for me . She was there for me when I was at my most vulnerable.
Nominated by: Deborah Kerr, 10th Oct 2018