Mike Johns | Customer Advisor | Billing

I nominate Mike Johns. It is unfortunate that in moving house there is so much to do and so many people to contact and inevitably chase up. However I am extremely pleased to want to hold up a flag and tell United Utilities that their employee Mike Johns has restored my confidence, set new standards and exceeded my expectations. When I had to wait longer than expected to have a water meter fitted at property I was moving into I thought, well here we go, when the fitter then said he only fits inside meters and I must wait a further four weeks or more then I was quite concerned. I called United Utilities and Mike Johns immediate professionalism gave me confidence. Mike Johns came across as professional, well spoken, confident and concerned to give me excellent customer service. Mike said he would check this out and call me back. He actually did exactly as he said, calling back in less than an hour with a booked appointment for four working days time!. Mike said he would call again once the meter was fully fitted and did that too! no need to chase or prompt. The meter was fitted as advised and Mike called today to reinstate the direct debit. Mike took full ownership of my problem, cared about good customer service and did exactly what he promised with no need for passing around the problem to other people. Well done and thank you Mike Johns and United Utilities for employing him!
Nominated by: Mark Carey, 3rd Dec 2018

Cliff Greenwood | WCT | Water Services

Cliff was called out to my 88 year old mum’s address after having no water for 24 hours. He was extremely professional, put my mum’s mind at ease and more importantly got her water back on 🙂 He also arranged for a plumber to be brought to my mum’s property to check out her water pressure. A big thanks to Cliff for restoring our faith in United Utilities
Nominated by: Jill Bayes, 1st Dec 2018

Mark Mitchell | NCI | Water Services

After 42 years of our struggling with very poor water supply you have sorted it for us in a very short time.
Mr. Mark Mitchell is professional but most importantly he is genuinely caring about people’s problems and instead of talking and putting you off he GETS THINGS DONE.
Well done Mark and thank you!!!!!
Mark is a man of action not words..
Nominated by: Malcolm And Barbara Thompson, 2nd Dec 2018

David Mckenna | Customer Advisor | Billing

I had a re-occurring and volatile problem regarding a series of poor service in trying to have a water meter fitted.

David listened to my concerns and acted on my comments and was the only member of the team who rang me back as promised.

He was keen to bring the issue to a conclusion and offered me compensation appropriate to the situation. I was impressed that David is to ring me again in a few day’s time to ensure I am still satisfied. An empathetic employee who didn’t try to sweep my comments under the carpet. He also didn’t talk over me which benefited the conversation greatly. Thank you

Nominated by: Stephen Woods, 3rd Dec 2018

Mark Holland And Martin Cummins | CST & Ganger | Wastewater Services

I had a great experience today with Mark and Martin. Incredibly friendly and helpful. Rang before they came with an ETA and arrived on time. Explained my situation and they took a look into this promptly and explained the issue. They were efficient and checked out my drain and then checked it over a few times to make sure they had done the best they could to resolve my problems.
Gave some great advice to help with any issues in the future which was really kind because some people would have not said a word and just left. Really appreciative of all their help today. I’m constantly running around looking after my child, working and running errands and I was concerned about this issue but they were a great help to someone in need.
Nominated by: Michelle Knapman, 21st Nov 2018

Arfa Latif | Customer Advisor | Billing

I called your offices to inform of my move to Blackpool and to open an account for my water services. I am disabled and need things to be explained and methodically done so as I know I am doing right by you. Rafa was amazing she was professional yet human she broke everything down not cos I didn’t understand it was her way and it met my needs. She was just a lovely lovely person too. Thank you Arfa.
Nominated by: Belinda Lane, 4th Nov 2018

Dean Hanley | Customer Advisor | Billing

This is an exceptional young man that went out of his way to resolve my issue over several months. dean liaised with various departments and had to put up we a sometimes angry and distracted customer (me) he stuck with it and resolved my complaint satisfactory without need for escalation- I would have him in my Customer Sevice team every day of the week.
I hope some one sees this little note and thanks him for a job well done !
Nominated by: Craig Reeve, 12th Nov 2018

Bunty Hebbar / Kevin Leadbetter | CST/GANG | Wastewater Services

I am nominating Messrs Hebbar and Leadbetter for the very considerate and professional way in which they attend to the problem with my sewer pipe on 13th November, 2018. They were very efficient and helpful, and fully explained, in a friendly manner, the task they would be performing. In particular, they were most concerned about my safety. When I told them that I had been down the manhole to rod the pipe, they expressed their anxiety and clearly, but respectfully, informed me not to go into the manhole again in view of the danger associated with such action. Furthermore, they advised me to call out United Unitilities to deal with any blockage that might occur in the future. I really appreciate their advice and concern for my safety, and feel that there is good reason for their efforts to be recognised by United Utilities.
Nominated by: P. D. Templeton, 14th Nov 2018

Leah Garrett, Julie Halloran And Tj | CST & GANGER | Wastewater Services

My husband is disabled and registered for priority services. Leah Garrett from customer services was extremely friendly and helpful in trying to get someone out asap.
I’d also like to nominate Julie & TJ from sando docks who spent hours here trying to rectify a problem with a broken sewage pump after my toilet was overflowing in the house. They were extremely friendly and kept me up to date throughout the process.
United utilities should be proud of their staff, great friendly people. Thank you, fantastic service
Nominated by: Diane Harrison, 27th Nov 2018

Sharon Swift | Water Services

After a few on going visitors from untied utilities and not a lot being done in the process, I was pleasantly surprised when Sharon swift visited me today. The lady explained everything and done a step but step explanation of what it is she was looking for and so I understood what she was doing. She checked the water board outside and once again gave me a great description of what her next steps was going to be. This lady done more in one visit than what the previous had. I was very happy with her service and would like to thank Sharon swift for her great service.
Nominated by: Chantelle Davies, 19th Nov 2018