“Are you making it hard for your customers to say, ‘Thank you'”?

If all you ever ask for are complaints, then all you will ever get are complaints!

Every quality system in the world demands that customers are provided with a mechanism for providing feedback.  Unfortunately, the minimum is a “Complaints System” and that is where most feedback systems seem to stop.

Complaints are wonderful for telling you what it is that your customers don’t like.  But how much more powerful would it be if your customers could tell you what it is that they do like?  This would give you a laser sharp focus to your product design and service delivery.  It would help you to empower your people to do the right thing.  And it would give you a powerful; source of endorsements to use in your marketing.

So why do so many organisations not make it easy for customers to give a compliment?  Probably because compliments are simply not urgent enough.  Think about it.  When you receive a customer complaint there is an urgency about getting it resolved.  Unresolved complaints are likely to cause loss of business, loss of reputation and maybe a claim for compensation.  But how often is a compliment ever urgent? 

Stephen Covey taught us that leaders need to focus on what’s important and not just what is urgent.