Accessibility statement

We are working to make this site as accessible and easy to use as possible. This means we took accessibility into account when we designed, built and tested it. We will continue to test it as we add new content and the technologies used to access it change.

AbilityNet provides detailed advice and guidance on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.

Measures that have been taken


The colours chosen and use of colours on our website have been chosen to meet WCAG 2.1 AA recommended contrast ratios as much as possible so that text is easier to read.

We hope that our choices make our website as easy to read for as many users as possible, however, we are aware that some users require very high or very low levels of contrast to make information accessible.

If you wish to customise colours (or fonts) we recommend using the Firefox browser. Firefox provides an easy to understand guide on how to change your colours and fonts. You can download the latest version of the Firefox browser from their homepage.


Our website has been designed with large font sizes and clear fonts to make information easier to read.

Our website is also responsive. So if you need to, you can zoom in to magnify the content. You can zoom using the options in the ‘View’ menu of your browser, by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ or ‘-’ on a PC keyboard or by pressing ‘cmd’ and ‘+’ or ‘-’ on a Mac keyboard. Smartphones and tablets also include accessibility options where you can adjust the zoom and text size. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidance if you are unsure how to do this.


All of the forms on our website have been designed and built with accessibility in mind. Everything can be navigated using a keyboard or assistive technology, has properly defined markup that labels inputs and groups questions together and has high contrast focus states to help you know where you are.


All pages on our website use correct sequential headings making them easier to navigate both visually and by assistive technologies.


All links on our website use text that makes sense in isolation so it is as clear as possible where it will take you. Where this has not been possible, we’ve included hidden text that will be read out by a screen reader to provide extra help.

Known issues


This is the minimum standard we are working towards. Our website does not fully satisfy all the criteria of this standard yet.

Accessible documents

Very few PDF documents are directly available through the website, we intend to make every effort to publish content as web pages instead. However, as a customer, you may be sent PDF documents for various reasons. These have not yet been optimised to ensure they are fully accessible to screen readers.

Embedded media

All videos on our website are currently embedded from a third party such as TED, YouTube, Vimeo. We are unable to make improvements to videos that belong to other people and organisations. We intend to add useful subtitles to any videos that we produce in the future.


Many of the images we have used in our site do have descriptive alternative text defined or, if they are decorative, have been tagged to tell assistive technology to ignore them. We are actively working to get all images correctly tagged.

Skip to content

Our website does not currently include a hidden ‘Skip to content’ link at the top of every page that allows users who rely on a keyboard or assistive technology to easily jump past the main navigation and get to the page’s content quickly.


Alternative formats

We are a small organisation so time and resources are limited, however, we will always do our best to help where we can. If you feel you need any information on this site in an alternative format please contact us and explain what you need.

Reporting an issue

If you encounter an issue with our website, or simply wish to let us know about something that was problematic for you, you can contact us to let us know about the problem. We can’t immediately action all reported issues, but rest assured we’ll factor it into our ongoing improvements.