Our story. We believe in the power of thank you

The importance of recognising your people

Research proves that money isn’t a great motivator. It doesn't help your team work hard or stay focused. But utilising the power of ‘thank you’ does just that.

  • 10%

    Highly engaged teams can equate to a 10% increase in customer loyalty and engagement.

  • 66%

    Saying ‘thank you’ could increase wellbeing by as much as 66%.

  • 72%

    72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.

  • 81%

    Achieving high people-engagement could reduce absenteeism by 81%.


The WOW! Awards has transformed the thinking within our business. This brings home to our Board Members what happens at ground level.

Our story

We created The WOW! Awards for organisations that share our passion; to recognise people in the workforce who go above and beyond to deliver great service. The organisations we work with know that great customer service isn’t just a numbers game – it’s about putting people at the heart of your business.

But in 1997, there were no employee engagement programmes available that thought the way we did. There were platforms which allowed star ratings, or customer reviews related to the brand. However, there was nothing out there that allowed the customer to directly thank the individual behind the brand who had helped them.

Today, The WOW! Awards is used around the world by organisations who are customer-centric and people focussed. We help them to discover stories of service excellence that would be otherwise left untold. Stories that breathe life into a brand can be used in marketing materials and encourage customer loyalty. We provide an opportunity for the employees themselves to be recognised and celebrated. This in turn improves internal culture, employee retention as well as inspiring employees to further excel.

We are in the business of making meaningful, human connections.

Join us.

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    We are positive

    We believe in order to truly understand your service delivery, you need to have a balanced perspective. Most organisations have well-rehearsed systems to manage customer complaints, but they often don’t invest in capturing positive moments where employees exceed expectations. Celebrating when things go right and reinforcing those positive behaviours amongst your people is how you move from good service to great service.

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    We are human

    We believe an employee recognition programme needs to be driven by more than numbers, ratings and software. It needs a human element. That’s why we focus on surfacing stories of service excellence and recognising the individual behind them. These stories offer emotional, meaningful connections behind a brand both internally and externally that numerical ratings can’t achieve.

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    We are inclusive

    We are open to all. We recognise all service excellence across a business irrespective of department, level of seniority or location. We judge all our customers’ nominations ensuring that their employee recognition programmes are executed without bias.