Lee Jackson | Customer Advisor | Billing

Good Afternoon,

I called the help line at 14:46 today and spoke immediately with Mr Jackson.

After the general questions confirming I explained my situation regarding been made homeless thanks to the governments mistake and now I am trying to catch up with everything.

Mr Jackson was welcoming, polite, understanding and patient with me.

He explained everything that has happened from July 14th last year to date and future options.

He updated all my information, explained my options on how to pay the bill whilst speaking professionally and friendly.

I asked quite a few questions about water meters (because I’ve never had one) and he answered everything in a way I could understand.

Once I payed my outstanding balance, Mr Jackson explained my future options, next meter readings, payment options and advised my next course of action which would benefit me the most.

By this point we have been on the phone quite a while but he did not mind and was in no hurry to get onto another person, he definitely wanted to make 100% that I was sorted and had no more questions.

Up untill recently I had worked in a call centre company taking inbound and making outbound calls regarding personal and business accounts for Addison Lee, Mr Jackson’s level of service is outstanding!

If I was still working with the company I would have used Lee as an example of how to communicate and help customers with my team.

Thank you for amazing customer service!

Nominated by: Kellie Mills, 13th Mar 2019