Paul Bolan | Water Burst at eldery Aunts | Water Services

All I can say is she has raved about your guys..who came out in terrible weather over the course of a couple of days due to a bad leak in her garden.
The service she received was fantastic. I was point of contact and your guys rang me to let me know when certain people were calling out and kept me in the loop so I could relay everything to her.
She..and I wish to pass on our thanks and tell them ALL we appreciate the service you gave her on those few horrible days.
Weather was terrible .. but you all attended and were so kind and helpful.
She wanted to feed them, supply them with tea coffee toast ..the lot..and am sure if they had accepted they would have gone home a stone heavier than when they started their jobs!!
Can only say your guys deserve a halo each!!!
Nominated by: Julie Fearnehough, 2nd Feb 2019