Mike Johns | Customer Advisor | Billing

I nominate Mike Johns. It is unfortunate that in moving house there is so much to do and so many people to contact and inevitably chase up. However I am extremely pleased to want to hold up a flag and tell United Utilities that their employee Mike Johns has restored my confidence, set new standards and exceeded my expectations. When I had to wait longer than expected to have a water meter fitted at property I was moving into I thought, well here we go, when the fitter then said he only fits inside meters and I must wait a further four weeks or more then I was quite concerned. I called United Utilities and Mike Johns immediate professionalism gave me confidence. Mike Johns came across as professional, well spoken, confident and concerned to give me excellent customer service. Mike said he would check this out and call me back. He actually did exactly as he said, calling back in less than an hour with a booked appointment for four working days time!. Mike said he would call again once the meter was fully fitted and did that too! no need to chase or prompt. The meter was fitted as advised and Mike called today to reinstate the direct debit. Mike took full ownership of my problem, cared about good customer service and did exactly what he promised with no need for passing around the problem to other people. Well done and thank you Mike Johns and United Utilities for employing him!
Nominated by: Mark Carey, 3rd Dec 2018