Bunty Hebbar / Kevin Leadbetter | CST/GANG | Wastewater Services

I am nominating Messrs Hebbar and Leadbetter for the very considerate and professional way in which they attend to the problem with my sewer pipe on 13th November, 2018. They were very efficient and helpful, and fully explained, in a friendly manner, the task they would be performing. In particular, they were most concerned about my safety. When I told them that I had been down the manhole to rod the pipe, they expressed their anxiety and clearly, but respectfully, informed me not to go into the manhole again in view of the danger associated with such action. Furthermore, they advised me to call out United Unitilities to deal with any blockage that might occur in the future. I really appreciate their advice and concern for my safety, and feel that there is good reason for their efforts to be recognised by United Utilities.
Nominated by: P. D. Templeton, 14th Nov 2018