Simon Jones

Simon has only just joined the Room Technician team but seems like he’s been around as long as an old piece of furniture growing dust in an antique shop (haha). He’s already shown great passion to learn, enthusiasm to impress and an innovative way of working to improve the team.

There was one occasion that demonstrated all of these and more that I would like to highlight. It was one of those mornings us Room Techs dread…multiple early room set-ups across 4 different buildings. There would have been 3 of us to complete the morning rush. Unfortunately for Simon though 2 of us called in sick! I wouldn’t have blamed him if he went into complete panic mode but he didn’t.

With no help due for an hour, time against him and the pressure of knowing clients would be expecting their set-ups ready on time. Simon cracked on, starting 30 minutes before his shift time. He run in-between jobs, prioritising the biggest set-ups and earliest bookings. in the end he managed to complete the morning rush on time.

Simon truly is a man you want on your team and we are lucky to have such a dedicated, hard working team member here. Well done Simon!!!

Nominated by: Bradley Killick, 1st Nov 2018