Jason Rodrigues-jesus
Adrian Guevara

Over the past 3 days, from Monday to Wednesday of the current week, Jason and Adrian were given an impossible task; to exceed the expectations of a VIP event whose expectations were already through the roof.

The attendees included the likes of the CEO and lead Partners for differing service lines within the business, including our own Partner for WPS and Real Estate Mr. G. The following is the direct feedback received minutes after the event was completed.

"To everyone who assisted in helping me prepare, execute and complete the Global event from 29 – 31 October – a HUGE Thank You!

Without your assistance from booking the rooms, preparing and guiding me on the menus for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to the layout of the rooms and spaces, to the Chefs and Catering staff, IT staff, Document Centre (for the keyrings), WSM on the 12th floor, reception and security who assisted on the 29th, it would not have been the success it was and is. Thank you for putting up with all the last minute changes in the agenda, catering, menus, attendees. We have received incredible high praise from the attendees on the smoothness of the event.

Would you please send this email on and speak to your teams to say a job very well done.

Thank you all again."

Many times, we look at events as a one time, one day snapshot. However this event was held over a number of days with each days expectations increasing two-fold. Jason and Adrian had a direct hand in all of the feedback as they are the go-to, one-stop-shop for the users on the floor. I have no doubt that they both had an integral part in the success of this event. More importantly, it was our chance to make a lasting impact on people within our company, to yet again show what we can do and how well we do it. Thank you to both Adrian and Jason on a job well done, very proud of the effort and the selflessness you both showed!

Nominated by: Thomas Moore, 1st Nov 2018