United Utilities: Aaron Hastings & Pete Howell

We called Untied Utilities as we had a blocked drain outside our property and was informed that someone would be out within three days, this was to my disappointment to be honest as the blockage was becoming a problem. But to our surprise Aaron and Pete came out on the Second day, we came home from Work to find out the blockage had been fixed and I was very impressed with the clean up, I thought I would have come home and clean the whole area. This was certainly not the case the area had been cleared of waste and restored to the original condition which I was very grateful for. We had buckets full of waste as we had tried to keep on top of clearing it ourselves and even these had been emptied and our tools etc had been put neatly to one side of the garden. Overall, the service was excellent and I feel Aaron and Pete went above and beyond.

Nominated By: Rachel Smith
Nomination Date: 04 May 2018