Durham Constabulary: PCSO 8108 Lisa Hall

My son has autism and has been struggling. Lisa has been amazing; the support she has given my family has helped us through some very tricky times and I know she’s working very hard within Durham Constabulory to raise autism awareness. My son had a very difficult month where the police had to come to our home and help to support him. All the officers were understanding and made my son feel much better but Lisa took it further and organised for him to go on a tour of Police HQ where he met lots of staff and had a great time. This has helped him so much; it boosted his self esteem and confidence which was very low impacting heavily on his mental health. She now attends TAF meetings with me and the support she is giving to us is brilliant. She has helped make some very dark upsetting times better and I am very thankful for her ongoing support.

The work she is doing for autism awareness can only make life for autistic children and adults better and I am forever grateful for that.

Nominated By: Louise Brown
Nomination Date: 03 May 2018