Durham Constabulary: Sgt 598 Kay Howarth

Sgt Howarth has been instrumental in the creation and subsequent operation of the steering group for ‘Dementia Friendly Durham City’, to which she is a part of. As chair of this team, I would like to nominate Kay for a WOW award for her hard work, commitment and ‘can do’ attitude. Making Durham City dementia friendly has been a large undertaking, with ourselves at the fire service, Durham Constabulary, Durham Cathedral, Durham County Council, Durham BID, local carers and Parish groups coming together to make this happen. The involvement from Durham Constabulary has been excellent and Kay has really gone above and beyond her role to help out with as much as possible. This undertaking is not a part of her policing requirements and completely voluntary, yet she attends every meeting and has a significant and positive attitude to what we can achieve.

Kay has helped organise all the press coverage for this group, as well as using existing contacts with local businesses, schools and the university to highlight what work is being undertaken. She is currently investigating plans to ‘badge-up’ an already marked police vehicle to have the dementia friendly logo on it, which in turn raises awareness within the police service and the public about the work. With the semi-professional Tour Series cycling race returning to Durham in May, Kay has also explored ideas as to how this event can be used to highlight the work around dementia. It is these such ideas that show Kay’s innovative approach and how valuable it is to the group.

Plans are underway for a dementia café within the city and Kay has spoken to people she knows via her existing role to source a location. This type of effort, above and beyond her normal job, are very much appreciated by myself and my colleagues and within time, the people who visit Durham City, too.

The involvement of Ron Hogg with the group was all down to Kay’s effort and having someone as well known as Mr Hogg becoming involved has really raised the profile of what the group is trying to achieve. He has placed on record his public support for the work around ‘Dementia Friendly Durham City’ and with Kay’s communication links to his office, he is a valuable addition to the team.

Sgt Howarth has involved a PCSO within the dementia friendly process and through clear and positive person-centred management, he has also become intrinsically involved in the steering group. This addition of another officer is hugely beneficial to the team and he has been tasked with creating links with local businesses and supporting the dementia friendly criteria. This would not have been possible without Kay’s assistance and drive and I very much hope she is given a WOW award as a result.

Nominated By: Mark Henderson
Nomination Date: 17 May 2018