Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Rebecca Hawkins

WOW! Absolutely WOW!
I’m sure it’s a very tough job assessing these nominations because our NHS is crammed full of the most caring and magnificent people on the planet.
Rebecca Hawkins (Becky) has gone way beyond my expectations in the care that she has provided for me. She will say it’s just doing her job, but for us who are lucky enough to receive her care it has a profound, positive impact on our lives. A brief summary of why I am compelled to nominate Becky:-
1) At cardiac rehab Becky is a “ray of sunshine”, she is so caring, encouraging, positive, amusing and engaging and helping us to recover, get fitter and to prevent re-occurrence of heart disease. So maybe that could be argued as the job, but the next 2 examples are way above and beyond.
2) When I first met Becky to discuss rehab I was telling her about the Saints Foundation Football Fans fitness programme I was going to attend. Becky was interested in understanding more about this scheme, but was concerned whether it would be appropriate given my ongoing angina. Becky could have left the decision with me as to whether I participated, but she took ownership of my health and well-being, contacted the organisers to find out more about the scheme and its suitability for me. Given that she had established that it was a level 4 course, Becky used her professional judgement to advise me that it wasn’t appropriate for me at this point to join the scheme. A tough message to deliver because she knew how much I was looking forward to it, but I fully understand that she was looking after my best interests. Becky could have stopped her work at that point, but she further demonstrated her amazing patient care focus by negotiating with the organisers to get me a place on the scheme starting in April 18 by which time my treatment should be complete and I’ll be able to fully participate. Absolutely amazing ownership of my care now and in the future beyond when I will be one of her patients. I feel that this is an exceptional level of care way beyond the norm.
3) Becky and the brilliant cardiac rehab team at Winchester have been looking after me fantastically. Over the last week my occurrences of angina have been increasing which for me is a bit disappointing as I can’t do the level of exercise I want and need to do. At the rehab session on Wednesday I suffered some mild angina. The plan was for me to have a stress echo cardiogram to determine the next course of action for which I was awaiting an appointment. Although slightly frustrating my mindset was that I can get some changes to my medication to try and further reduce the incidence of angina while waiting the echo. The amazing rehab team didn’t feel comfortable with that and Becky decided that she would try and see if she could get me an appointment with the equally fantastic Dr Glover just to assess what was happening and to check the course of action. Becky phoned me the following day to say that she had managed to get me an appointment with Dr Glover who I saw today and he has decided that, given the frequency of angina, he wants to get my stent done ASAP. Becky could have left the course of action as it was, but again she took ownership for my wellbeing and proactively engaged with her colleagues to get a reassessment of the plan to ensure the best course of action for my health.
I am so incredibly impressed and humbled that someone would look after me so amazingly well and way beyond my expectations. Becky is one amazing person who I am so lucky to have been in her care.
For me Becky has delivered the most outstanding patient care delivered in the most friendly, uplifting way that has unquestionably benefited my physical and mental well being. Becky is an absolute star who the HHFT should be exceptionally proud of and I hope that this WOW! nomination will be duly considered.
I wish the review committee well in their deliberations, and of course I hope Becky Hawkins comes out on top. Thank you for the opportunity to share my utmost admiration for an outstanding professional.

Nominated By: John Griffin
Nomination Date: 20 October 2017
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