The WOW! Awards: Lee Nolloth

Virgin Trains – I was catching the 19.11 Virgin Train from Wilmslow to London on Tuesday 12th September.
On arrival at the Train Station, I went straight to the Ticket Machine to collect my pre-booked reservation ticket With credit card and diary in hand, reality struckA shock realisation. I had not got with me the booking reference. I tried my card in isolation but as expected, this was not going to work. I went straight to the British Rail Ticket Office ticket to see if they could offer any help. Understandably notTo make things worse, the only comment made was that I would have to pay for the ticket again. A couple of fellow customers smiled politely and offered a look of sympathy!
I walked to the Platform and sat downThinkThink! I phoned Virgin Trains but as my ticket was booked via the Train Line, they could not help. My last hop was my call to the Train Line. The call was made and I was given my booking reference. The train was now pulling in. I had only one choice and that was to get on the train.
Once on, I found an unreserved seat. I made this my base! My only hope was to talk with the Train Conductor. I founded the Conductor in his on board office. His name was Lee. I explained my situation and that I now had my booking reference. This was now of no use. As I spoke, I thought of the people that had said that the only thing possible, would be to pay again. The frustration!
Lee asked me some more questions and looked at meHe was thinkingHe then said”Mr BishopI believe you. Now take your seat, relax and enjoy the journey. But please ensure that you do make sure to get your ticket for the return journey tomorrow. The relief. Old fashioned values -Trust and empowerment. Decision making at its best. Virgin West Coast and Lee A big thank you!!
And the great thing when customers feel valued, they tell others. Just like I am doing!

Nominated By: Nick Bishop
Nomination Date: 26 September 2017
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