Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Rebecca Cooper, Keelie Mcdowell

We had an elderly lady (82yrs) admitted to the Suite for a 4-5 night stay. She had an equally elderly husband who visited daily, driving himself to the hospital. He had recently been diagnosed as being in the early stages of dementia. One evening he left the Suite and returned some 90 minutes later and informed Rebecca he could not find his car in the car park. Rebecca escalated this to the nurse in charge as she was worried about the gentleman.
Whist the nurse sought advice from the HHFT safeguarding team, the care and compassion Rebecca showed to the gentleman was above and beyond. She made numerous phone calls to security and parking teams across both hospital sites to identify if his car had been picked up by the number plate recognition, which it had not. She made him a cup of tea and sat and chatted with him whilst waiting for the parking team to get back to her. It was clear to see that Rebecca talked to him with a level of kindness and compassion that was as if he was one of her own family, and it was her approach that kept him calm and reassured throughout.
During the wait, the gentleman asked if he could go and have another look for his car. Rebecca went with him and walked round the car park again with no success, bringing him back to the Suite and reassuring him at all times.
By this stage Keelie McDowell, Candover Operational Manager, was informed of the situation in case his car had been stolen. Keelie got into her own car and drove round Basingstoke Hospital site until she found his car, which she did in St Michaels hospice.
Rebecca’s approach ensured that this gentleman did not become distressed at any stage when his car could not be located, and Keelie completed a full search of the site and located his car. Both Rebecca and Keelie are assets to HHFT.

Nominated By: Julie Cairns
Nomination Date: 10 October 2017
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