Recognising high standards at Balfour Beatty

At Balfour Beatty (Gas & Water) we have been working with The WOW! Awards for the last 2 years. In this time we have implemented the system across all of our contracts. It is great for our business as it aligns directly with our four core values of respect, integrity, teamwork & respect and highlights to our clients the importance we place in recognising hard work.

Complaints vs Compliments

The Utility Industry is very heavily regulated and all organisations have to report on the amount negative feedback that has been received. However, there are no requirements for organisations to comment on positive feedback, on how the industry is rapidly changing and how successful it is becoming in its field. As such the reporting aspect of the Gas & Water Utilities is based around how many written complaints, telephone contacts and how much negative news is received. As a result of this it is difficult to find a supporting external organisation that understands the opposite, the importance of recording great work and who understands what an organisation can get back in return. We can say whole heartedly, The WOW! Awards understands how Balfour Beatty work and how we get what is required from their well-designed system.

Employee Engagement

The WOW! Awards system enables Balfour Beatty to build on our employee engagement levels. Showing our teams that their hard work has been recognised and gives a clear route from receiving positive feedback from a customer or client to the praise reaching the employee. We have seen many nominations from all our working environments. From admin employees to teams laying gas and water mains to plumbers fitting water meters, but they all portray the same message – that our teams recognise the importance of delivering a quality customer experience.

Showcasing High Performance

An investment in The WOW! Awards is a great route for showcasing work, ensuring all hard work is captured. We can safely say any work worthy of “WOW” receives it and we are proud to promote that we have achieved well over 400 nominations in the first half of 2015. It is also part of our induction plan for new employees, it welcomes them into the business and ensures they understand that Balfour Beatty recognise good work and understand how to recognise its employees for consistent high performance.

Sharing Results

The ease of using the reporting features has been very important for us. At the click of a button we can run reports as per criteria from the user. The report can then be shared with the wider team or clients. Customer Managers from each of our contracts share this information as widely as possible, feeding up to Contract Managers in a simple format, that isn’t resource heavy and enables everyone in the business to see other area performance.

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