Make an impact. Recognise your people

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We empower. We WOW.

We are The WOW! Awards. We provide recognition programmes with a difference. Programmes designed to uncover personal, individual stories of outstanding service. Recognition that engages your people, improves your customer service and boosts your bottom line.

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Unbiased, diverse and inclusive.

Employee recognition programmes increase engagement, improve morale and encourage excellent service delivery through positive reinforcement. They also better align your people with your organisational goals. But these benefits are only achieved if the recognition programme is objective.

Our recognition programme is the only one on the market that offers independent judging of all nominations. It is all about trust; our clients enjoy higher employee uptake of the programme as they know it doesn’t suffer from internal hidden bias.


With the help of WOW! we scored 78% on employee engagement – higher than the majority of companies benchmarked by The Institute of Customer Service.

Nominations website

Our nominations website makes it easy for your employees and customers to nominate. It includes a searchable feed of nominations with filters and tags.

Yorkshire Water

Originally using a numbers-based service approach, Yorkshire Water wanted a step-change in the service element of their customer experience strategy. They needed a method to capture the human element of their customer service.

Showcase real stories

Bring your values to life for your people

Employees can sometimes find it difficult to relate to values written on a company intranet or on a canteen wall. Showing the impact that these values can have on a customer through personal, real-life examples will bring the theory to life.


Thousands of lives are touched by the compassion and care shown by unsung heroes across the NHS every day. The WOW! Awards has played an important role in uncovering many of these stories for Hampshire Hospitals, showing recognition where it is greatly deserved.